Successful Hearing Loss Industrial Disease Claim

Industrial Disease Claim
LLB (Hons) & LPC Private: Fatima Bibi
Case by: LLB (Hons) & LPC Private: Fatima Bibi

Our Client’s Background

Our client, worked as a former Tin Plate Press Operator, employed at the Defendant premises. Her role involved operating an industrial press to stamp out tin lids or the bottoms of tins. The client worked Monday to Friday, initially from 12pm to 4pm for the first four and a half years, and later from 9am to 3pm for the remaining period of her employment. During her employment, our client faced prolonged exposure to high levels of noise from the machines she worked with. As a result, our client came forward to AWH for legal representation for a industrial disease claim on the grounds of occupational noise-induced hearing loss and associated damages.

Working Conditions Resulting in Industrial Disease Occupational Hearing Loss

During the initial 4.5 years, the client had a 10-minute break away from the noise. However, for the subsequent 18 months, she had a 30-minute lunch break in the canteen. Our client was exposed to excessive levels of noise from the press she operated, alongside her colleagues who operated a row of presses. On occasion, she sat at the back of a press, packing biscuit barrel lids that another Operator was stamping out.

Lack of Protective Measures

Throughout her employment, the client was not provided with any hearing protection despite the continuous exposure to high levels of noise. Additionally, she did not receive any training or warnings about the potential dangers associated with excessive noise exposure in the workplace.

Medical Confirmation

To substantiate the industrial disease claim, our client obtained a report from Mr. Layshan Pope to confirm the prognosis of her condition.

Legal Action

Solicitor Fatima Bibi took immediate action to address the client’s case, emphasising the employer’s negligence in failing to provide adequate protection and training. The claim was pursued on the grounds of occupational noise-induced hearing loss and associated damages.

Industrial Disease Claim Resolution

Solicitor Fatima Bibi successfully negotiated a sizeable settlement amount for our client, compensating her for the industrial disease caused by the employer’s negligence. The resolution acknowledges the impact on our client’s health due to the prolonged exposure to excessive noise during her employment.

This case highlights the importance of employers ensuring a safe working environment, providing necessary protective measures, and educating employees on potential workplace hazards. Solicitor Fatima Bibi’s expertise and dedication played a crucial role in securing a favourable outcome for our client in this industrial disease claim.

Making an Industrial Disease Claim for Occupational Noise- Induced Hearing Loss

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