Veteran Awarded £40,000 for Military Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Veteran Awarded £40,000.00 for Military Noise Induced Hearing Loss
LLB (Hons) & LPC Stacy Pimlott
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Our Client’s Background

Our client was employed within the British Army as a Royal Engineer and a Royal Army Physical Training Instructor from 1984 to 2021. Within this period our client was situated at multiple barracks across the UK and deployed to locations around the world. These include, Iraq, and Kosovo. Additionally, our client had to perform and instruct on training exercises. During his service, our client faced prolonged exposure to high levels of noise. As a result, our client came forward to AWH for legal representation for an industrial disease claim on the grounds of military noise induced hearing loss.

Our Client’s Military Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Our client believes that he was exposed to the noise from firing weapons such as RPGs and mortar rounds whilst on live operations. Furthermore, he claims that he was exposed to noise on training exercises from weapons such as 9mm pistols, SA80s and Grenade Launchers.

Our client states he was exposed to continuous noises from tanks daily during his time in the Royal Engineers. The sound could occur in the tank park, during maintenance regimes or on gunnery ranges. In addition, our client was often subjected to the sound of small arms fire on a regular basis.

Our client was exposed to the noise as noted above for several hours daily, dependent upon duties. Most commonly he would be exposed to the tank related noise and gun fire noise on shooting/gunnery ranges whilst on training exercises. This noise would often be at very close range.

Lack of Protective Measures

During the 1980s, our client, had some access to sponge ear plugs for hearing protection during duty. However, their availability was inconsistent, and adherence to wearing them was not closely monitored, particularly during operational tasks.

In the 1990s, Amplivox ear defenders were introduced for use on firing ranges alongside ear plugs. While our client utilised these defenders during training exercises, they were not worn during operational deployments.

In 2004, recognising the need for effective communication due to high noise levels, our client was issued a personal radio. This accommodation aimed to facilitate communication with colleagues in noisy environments where verbal communication was impractical.

It’s notable that our client received hearing protection solely during training sessions. However, during live firing exercises or explosive operations, wearing ear defenders posed practical challenges, leaving him exposed to potential hearing damage.

Despite experiencing diminished hearing, as confirmed by a military hearing test, our client was expected to fulfil his duties without accommodation for his impairment. This lack of support highlights systemic issues within military protocols regarding hearing protection and accommodation for personnel with hearing impairments.

Military Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claim Resolution

Expert solicitor, Stacy Pimlott undertook the case. A medical report was obtained on this matter in evidence and support of his condition of Military Noise Induced Hearing Loss and tinnitus due to his service to Graham Cox. A further report from an audiologist was also requested in relation to the provision of hearing aids.

With the expert legal guidance of our military/industrial disease solicitor, Stacy Pimlott our client secured a substantial settlement of £40,000.00. This compensation recognises the impact of the client’s dedicated service and the resulting industrial disease.

This case study underscores the importance of implementing consistent and comprehensive protective measures to safeguard the well-being of military personnel. It also emphasises the need for proactive measures to address the long-term consequences of occupational hazards such as hearing loss among servicemen.

Making a Claim for Military Noise Induced Hearing Loss

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