Woman Wins Personal Injury Claim for Shopping Centre Fall

Woman injured by safety negligence wins pay-out
LPC & GDL Matthew Shiels
Case by: LPC & GDL Matthew Shiels

Woman injured by safety negligence awarded compensation

Our personal injury specialist Tom Xu has won a significant case for a woman who was injured in a shopping centre when negligence led to her suffering a painful fall.

What was the case?

Our client, a retiree in her late 60s, was pushing her shopping trolley into the entrance of a shopping centre. It had been raining heavily and the automatic doors were faulty, which had then led to water flooding into the entrance.

The floor mat had become saturated and this excess water had also spread across the rest of the floor. As she stepped off the mat, our client fell heavily and suffered significant damage to her upper legs and hips. She was then unable to carry out everyday tasks and had to be cared for by her daughter. Our solicitors issued court proceedings against both the cleaning agency and the shopping centre management, as both of them had failed in their duty to maintain a safe environment. They both disputed liability in full, so it was necessary to take the case to trial. At the trial, the judge accepted our solicitor’s case that put forward that both the cleaning agency had failed to implement its safe system of inspection and cleaning, and that the management company were in breach of duty to keep the entrance free of hazards by leaving the faulty sliding doors open.

What was the outcome?

Ultimately, the cleaning agency and the management company were each found to have been 50% liable for the accident and therefore our client received the full amount of damages. This included £10,500 for their personal injury claim, £75.50 for their travel expenses, £150 for rehabilitation treatment and £455 for the cost of care.

For a careless injury that had such a significant impact on our client, we were very pleased with the final outcome and glad that our solicitor’s work allowed them to continue recovering from the incident with the support they needed.