Woman’s Wrist Injury Forces Her to Change Career

wrist injury
 Woman’s Wrist Injury Forces Her to Change Career

Successful compensation claim for wrist injury

Our industrial disease solicitors have helped a woman win compensation from her former employer.

Her employer continually failed to provide our client with safe equipment, which resulted in her developing a painful wrist injury.

She had no choice but to leave her job because of the pain she was suffering from.

She could not progress in her dream career, which also meant she struggled financially after having to take a large pay cut.

Successful compensation claim for wrist injury

What was the case?

Our client was just starting out on her career path – her goal was to become a chartered accountant.

Now she cannot fulfil her dream because of her permanent wrist injury.

She can no longer use a keyboard or mouse for long periods of time without being in excruciating pain.

She suffered injury to multiple tendons in her wrist due to an unsafe workstation.

This made it very painful for her to work.

She had to have surgery on her wrist, take time off work, and eventually leave her position.

During the time she took off before leaving the role she incurred a loss of earnings.

This is partly what the compensation went towards.

After leaving she took up a career with the police, which paid a lot less than what she earned at her previous company.

The compensation made up for this decrease, as well as repaying costs associated with her injury such as prescriptions and physiotherapy.


There was no doubt that our client had been severely impacted by her wrist injury.

It has affected her personal and work life, as well as her mother’s, who had to care for her for over three months.

Everything it had an impact on was taken into account, and damages of £50,000 was awarded to our client.

This compensated for a

  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of career, and
  • A range of other expenses which our client would not have otherwise had to pay

When an employer fails to ensure an employee’s work station is safe, they should be held accountable.

We were pleased to be able to help this young woman, who was just starting her career, win her case and bring her ex-employer to justice.

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