Claimant Employment Services

Fixed fee work (Claimant)
Drafting grievance£150-300 (depending on length and amount of documents to review)
Drafting appeal (grievance/disciplinary sanction or dismissal)£150-300  (depending on length and amount of documents to review)
Drafting ET1 and Statement of claim£250-600 (depending on length and amount of documents to review)
Schedule of loss£50
Witness Statement£120-£250 per statement (depending on length)
Settlement Agreements (to advise on and sign off only)£300-400 (depending on complexity, but please note this is a fee that is usually covered by your employer and there should be a clause in any Settlement Agreement to say how much your employer is willing to contribute to this cost)
Other Claimant services
Negotiation of Settlement Offer£25% of any uplift we manage to secure
Appointment for advice (telephone)

In person appointment

Free 20 minute consultation



Employment Tribunal matters  
‘No win, no fee’ DBA AgreementOnly applicable depending on overall value of claim, and if we assess prospects of success are above 70%. If the case is successful a hearing, or if we secure settlement we will take 25% of any award/settlement figure.


Other fixed fee assistanceWe can assist with any employment matter other than what is outlined in the ‘fixed fee’ section above.

Cost would depend on what work you would like us to undertake, but we can agree a fixed fee for any particular piece of work, please contact us to discuss further.


Assistance on an hourly ratePlease contact us to discuss this option.
Representation at Tribunal hearings only (advocacy service)
  • Preliminary Case Management hearing – £250
  • Substantive preliminary hearing £400 per day.
  • Substantive (final) hearing- £500 per day.


*additional cost may apply depending on location of hearing, i.e. if other than Liverpool or Manchester Employment Tribunal.


Assistance/representation during Early Conciliation (via ACAS)Each case, whether you are a Claimant or a Respondent will go through a procedure involving ACAS, called “Early Conciliation”. To take your instructions and review any documents and represent you through this stage, we would normally estimate our costs to be between £400 and £1,000 plus VAT@20% (this charge would not apply if we are assisting you by way of Damages Based Agreement).