Family law solicitor fees

Family law solicitor fees

We aim to be as transparent as possible in regards to our fees and the likely costs our clients will face. You can find the fees of our main services both below and on each of our product pages. If you cannot find the right fee package here we can give you a quote over the phone.

Our dedicated family lawyers in Manchester and Blackburn have helped many clients through their divorce and separation proceedings, including financial settlement hearings and children disputes. We have a long history of finding compromises that work for everyone.

If you would like to schedule your initial appointment to go through your case in more detail with our specialist family law solicitors, we can do so by phone or in person.

Our family law fees

Standard initial fees
30 minute initial consultation£150 incl. VAT
Additional 30 minutes where consultation runs over£95 incl. VAT

We will charge you the £150 consultation fee when we book in your appointment. Please note this charge is non-refundable.

Post and prenuptial agreements
General costs from:£1,200
VAT from:£240
Total from:£1,440
Cohabitation agreements
General costs from:£1,200
VAT from:£240
Total from:£1,440

Divorce solicitor fees

General contested divorce package
General cost from:£500
VAT from:£100
Court fee:£550
Total from:£1,150
General uncontested divorce package
General cost from:£400
VAT from:£80
Total from:£480
Consent orders
General costs from:£850
VAT from:£170
Total from:£1,020
Children law services
General costs from:£1,000
VAT from:£200
Total from:£1,200

Islamic divorce services

Contested Islamic divorce (Khula/Faskh)
General cost from:£600
VAT from:£120
Sharia council fee:£225
Total from:£945
Uncontested Islamic divorce
General cost from:£500
VAT from:£100
Sharia council fee:£225
Total from:£825

Financial Settlement Fees

Our aim is to provide all our clients with our high quality legal services whilst ensuring each client has full insight and control over their legal fees.

Fixed fee packages

Bespoke pricing packages

Gross capital below £350,000Gross capital exceeds £350,000
The fixed fee service is available to couples whose total joint gross capital and income resources do not exceed £350,000. Furthermore all assets need to be based in England and Wales.When gross capital and income resources exceed £350,000 we offer clients bespoke packages. Due to the complexity of such cases our solicitors will spend more time effectively acting in your best interest.
Overview of fixed fee packages
Stage one: Negotiations and disclosure£2,500 plus vat
Stage two: FDA£1,750 plus vat
Stage three: FDR£2,000 plus vat
Stage four: Final hearing£2,500 plus vat

Fees for our other services

Our family law team

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