First Registrations

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First Registrations
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If you own property that is unregistered with HM Land Registry, then our conveyancing solicitors can help you with first registrations.

Even if your property has been in your possession for a long time, registering it with a title will have a number of benefits and will provide you with stronger protection as a property owner.

Getting a Registered Title

With your registered title you will be able to prove ownership without needing to keep hold of old deeds. This title will contain a description of the property, clear details of you as the owner, and the rights and obligations that are attached to the property. The title will also contain a plan outlining the boundaries.

Benefits to Registering the Title to Your Property

Owning registered property will benefit you if you do wish to transfer ownership of the property in the future. If your property is registered, you can provide a copy of the register and title plan as proof of title during the conveyancing process. Buying land that is unregistered is more complicated than buying registered land, and this could cause buyers to lose interest.

Having your land registered will also leave you better protected against adverse possession claims, which could lead to you losing your land outright. The adverse possession claim process is much easier for those claiming possession of unregistered land, in comparison to claiming possession of registered land.

The Difference Between Voluntary and Compulsory First Registrations

Voluntary First Registrations

A first registration is voluntary if you already own the land, and you want to register it with the Land Registry. You might do this so you can easily prove ownership of your land and also to protect yourself as the title owner. This could also protect you against any claims for adverse possession.

When you go through the first registrations process, the land will be transferred from the old deeds system to the new online title registration system at the Land Registry.

All information is stored electronically on the new system.

Compulsory First Registrations

A first registration is compulsory when land is transferred, often through sale or inheritance, or mortgaged. A gift of the property, a court order or a change in a trust affecting the land will also trigger a compulsory registration.

We can help you throughout either process of registering your land.

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