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New Building Conveyancing

In any property purchase there are several stages that can present challenges, especially when you are buying a new build.

At AWH Solicitors, we specialise in offering conveyancing services for people buying new build properties. With our expertise and focus on excellent customer care we can ensure you that we can manage your buying process with skill and ease.

Why is Conveyancing Different for New Builds

In most cases, buying a new build would present additional challenges as you will often be required to commit to the purchase before the property is completed.

There could be issues with the planning permissions, or issues could occur with the buildings’ infrastructure, for example with nearby roads or sewers.

Conveyancing Solicitors Specialised in New Builds

You may have seen a plan of the property, or even a show home, but awaiting to see if you get the property exactly as you signed for can be stressful.

Since the conveyancing process for a new build is much more complex than for a pre-existing property, it’s important that you have an experienced conveyancing solicitor who can keep things clear, simple and stress-free.

Buying a New Build

The team at AWH Solicitors have helped many new buyers go through the conveyancing process from consultation to final exchange, and we can help you too.

Why not give us a call today and find out why our experienced conveyancing solicitors are the ones to lead you through this exciting process.

  • Challenges of buying a new build

    Buying a home is a huge deal, literally. It will likely be one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make.

    It is a process which will be met with a great amount of excitement but which can also become extremely stressful and frustrating without the help of an experienced conveyancing solicitor.

  • What our solicitors look out for

    There are a number of steps that our conveyancing solicitors will need to take to ensure that your new building purchase is secure. These steps include:

    • Checking that the necessary planning permission has been confirmed, that the property will be, and in later stages has been constructed in line with the planning permission
    • Explaining all the details of the lease. For example, if there are communal areas such as a garden or lobby the lease should clearly state the detailed management fees
    • Highlighting any restriction that have been written into the lease such as the ability to make alterations to the new build property. This can include the installation of an external satellite dish, the addition of a window, removal of internal walls or the building of an extension
    • Verifying the building regulations consent. These control the materials and methods of construction of the new building and will ensure the proper building standards are met and maintained

    Part of the stress that buyers of a new building experience is the short time-scale which is often given between reserving the property and committing to the purchase with a contract.

    Having a reliable and thorough legal advisor to guide you through this process is imperative, not only to ensure your financial security, but to help you sleep easy until the day of the big move.

  • New Build Mortgages

    You could easily run into issues with your mortgage offer when buying a new build. In general, mortgage offers only remain usable for six months, while buildings can take much longer to complete.

    You may have to apply for extensions on your mortgage offer or look for a specific new build mortgage. New build mortgage offers generally remain usable for nine months, which won't always be enough time either.

    Building delays happen often, so you should always ensure you are prepared for such an outcome.

New Building Conveyancing with AWH Solicitors

We know that buying a new build can be a daunting prospect. However, this certainly shouldn’t stop you from getting your dream home.

Each of our specialist conveyancing solicitors has a happy history delivering clients to their dream house or flat.

Throughout the conveyancing process we keep things simple and straight-forward. We talk to you without the complex legal language and ensure that you know what’s going on at every step of the way.

At AWH Solicitors our supportive, friendly and dedicated conveyancing solicitors are ready to take on your case. To learn more about new building conveyancing or to get things started, contact us today.

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