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Sale and Purchase

Whether you’re down-sizing or up-grading, knowing that the conveyancing process is being seen to by an experienced and dedicated solicitor is the best remedy against sleepless nights.

At AWH Solicitors, our expert conveyancing solicitors can help you through the process of buying and selling property with ease.

Manchester Based Conveyancing Solicitors

From our Manchester based offices we offer a wide range of conveyancing services at competitive and transparent fixed fees and with a focus on delivering outstanding customer service to all our clients.

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Understanding the Sale and Purchase Process

Preparing to sell your property and purchasing a new one is often an exciting time, but it can also quickly become very stressful and confusing.

That is why we think it is helpful to know a bit more about what is involved in in the sale and purchase of a property.

To keep things simple we have put together some valuable information to help you learn more about conveyancing prior to starting your sale and purchase process.

Selling a Property

  1. The seller’s conveyancing solicitor is instructed.

    The solicitor is instructed and will confirm the instructions in writing. This confirmation will further include the agreed fees and terms of the contract.
  2. The seller completes questionnaires about the property and terms of the sale

    Depending on if the property is a leasehold or freehold certain questionnaires will need to be completed by the seller. The seller will inform the solicitor of all the details of the property and surrounding area and what fittings and fixtures will be included in the sale.
  3. The sellers conveyancing solicitor obtains title deeds and other required documentation

    The solicitor will obtain official copies of the title deeds from the Land Registry as well as the details on the sellers outstanding mortgage, if there is one.
  4. The conveyancing solicitor drafts a contract and sends this to the buyers solicitor

    The draft contract will be send together with any supporting documentation for the buyers' solicitors to review. The buyers' solicitor will then have the opportunity to request more information or ask questions about the details set out in the contract or supporting documents.
  5. Negotiations on the details in the contract

    Elements that could be discussed during this phase would include date of completion, fixtures and fitting costs and changes to the price if problems were found during the searches process.
  6. Seller and buyer agree on a completion date

    Contracts are formally exchanged committing both parties to the sale.The sellers conveyancing solicitor will further obtain a settlement figure to repay the outstanding amount on the existing mortgage. The title deeds are transferred and the seller will vacate the property at an agreed date prior to handing over the keys, generally through the estate agent.
  7. Payment to the seller

    After all the payments have been deducted the seller is transferred the profit of the sale.

Buying a Property

  1. Instructing the solicitors

    After the buyers' offer is accepted the buyer needs to instruct a solicitor to handle the conveyancing process on their behalf.
  2. Mortgage application and mortgage valuation get carried out

    The buyer apply for mortgage if this is required after which a mortgage valuation will be carried out. The mortgage details will be send to the solicitor who will be able to talk the buyer through the conditions of their chosen mortgage.
  3. Confirmation of instructions

    The solicitor is instructed to proceed and will confirm their instructions in writing. This confirmation will further include the agreed fixed fees and terms of the contract between the buyer and solicitor.
  4. The buyers' solicitor will contact the sellers' solicitor for the contract pack

    The buyers' conveyancing solicitor will get in touch with the sellers to gain access to what is called the 'contract pack'. The contract pack will be thoroughly checked by the solicitors and the relevant searches are carried out. If the buyers' solicitor is unclear about any information in the contract pack or about facts discovered during the searches they will raise their pre-contract enquiries with the sellers.
  5. The buyers' solicitor informs the buyer of all the information that has been collected

    When the buyers' solicitor is satisfied that all their queries are answered by the sellers and their solicitors and their received the details of the mortgage offer the solicitor will present all their findings to the buyer. If anything is still unclear for buyer they can at this stage ask for further information.
  6. Paying the deposit and agree on a date to formally exchange contracts

    When they buyer proceeds with the purchase they at this stage pay the deposit to their solicitor in preparation for the payment to be made to the seller. The buyer and seller agree on a date where they will officially exchange contracts formalising the sale, committing both parties to the sale.
  7. The contracts will be exchanged between the solicitors

    The actual exchange of contracts will usually be handled by the solicitors of both parties at a date and time agreed by the seller and buyer. Once the contracts are exchanged you are legally bound to purchase the property.
  8. The title deeds are transferred, the deposit is paid and the seller moves out

    After the exchange of contracts the buyers' solicitor transfers the deposit to the sellers' solicitor and the title deeds are transferred to the buyer. Once the deposit is received by the sellers' solicitor the sale will be completed and the seller will drop of the keys to the property at the estate agent.

Sale and Purchase Conveyancing

To help you on your way we have outlined the basics of conveyancing when selling and purchasing, what factors can cause delays to the process and why AWH Solicitors are the team to help you get through the front door of your new property.

  • The property chain

    Only about ten percent of all property transactions in the UK are chain-free.

    A chain-free property is a property sold by a home owner who will not be purchasing a new property at the same time.

    As can be expected, being involved with buying or selling property within a chain can cause significant issues, as timing becomes key.

    If you are involved in a property chain, it could be that the seller of the property you are purchasing may be delayed in moving out of their property if their new property is not ready or if it is still occupied.

    You may also have pressure coming from the buyers of your property who are eager to move in as soon as possible. The more people involved in the chain, the more stress you may feel piled onto you.

    AWH Solicitors wants to take that stress from you and see that the conveyancing process is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

  • What is conveyancing in sale and purchase of property?

    Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of the property from seller to buyer.

    It begins at the point of accepting an offer and ends with handing over the keys to the new owners.

    It sounds simple enough but requires a lot of communication and drafting of contracts between the conveyancing solicitors of both the seller and buyer.

    There are many factors that can delay the conveyancing process -which would usually be down to the necessary legal actions that must be taken to produce and agree upon the final contract.

  • Legal searches

    The buyer of the property will always need to undergo certain searches, which will be executed by the conveyancing solicitor on the buyers behalf.

    Searches are the enquiries that are submitted to the local authorities to provide you with more information about the property you are purchasing. Local authorities include the local councils, the Environmental Agency and the Coal & Water Authorities.

    Searches will highlight any potential issues that could arise and impact the value of your property.

    In the sale and purchase of a property, getting the legal bits right is in your best interest - as is working with the best conveyancing solicitors.

Friendly, Thorough and Dedicated Conveyancing Solicitors

At AWH Solicitors we offer quality services from dedicated conveyancing solicitors.

We believe in keeping things clear and simple, which is why we will explain each stage of the conveyancing process in a straight-forward manner and let you know exactly what’s going on without the complicated legal jargon.

Buying, selling, or both, we are with you at every step of the process; from the moment you accept the offer to the point where you are handing over the keys.

To find out more about conveyancing and how AWH Solicitors can help you, get in touch with the team today.

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