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Settlement Agreements

For one reason or another, our place of work may not be the right fit for us. Sometimes we’ll decide for ourselves that a job isn’t right and look for a new one. In other cases, your employer may decide that you don’t fit the job well enough and offer you a settlement agreement.

If you have been offered a settlement agreement, our solicitors can check that everything in it is fair and that you come away with the best possible outcome.

Benefits of Settlement Agreements

A settlement agreement is a document that should include certain terms and compensation that will allow for your amicable dismissal. They should always be beneficial for both you and your employer.

If an employer doesn’t have grounds for dismissal but feels like they aren’t profiting from employing a particular member of staff, they may propose an agreement to relieve the employee from their duties lawfully and amicably.

A settlement agreement can offer a fast and clean break from your employer without becoming caught up in legal claims which can be a lengthy and stressful process.

Settlement agreements were formerly known as compromise agreements and they are exactly that, a compromise. They are formal documents that must be signed by you and your employer to show that you both agree to the terms of your dismissal.


Usually, a settlement agreement will involve giving you a compensation sum in return for certain conditions. Typically, these conditions will include not making a claim of unfair or wrongful dismissal against the employer.

Legal Advice on Settlement Agreements

Everyone should feel they can trust the integrity and goodwill of their employer.

However, if you are given a settlement agreement it is important that you get sound legal advice to ensure that you are getting a deal that is fair and beneficial for you.

Why Legal Advice and Support is Important

Settlement agreements are often full of complicated legal terms which may make the document difficult to understand. Because of the legal jargon and high page count, they can hide crucial details that you might not agree to if you knew about them.

Once you have a settlement agreement by your employer you should seek the advice of an independent settlement agreement solicitor.

Our solicitors can support you with their extensive knowledge of employment law to ensure you get the best deal possible. We’ll be able to spot any catches and suggest amendments so that you don’t lose out.

Legal Guidance and Support From Our Settlement Agreement Solicitors

What Our Settlement Agreement Solicitors Will Help you With

An experienced employment law specialist will not only relay the document in a manageable way but find the best outcome for you. Our settlement agreement services include:

  • Explaining the terms of the document and their effect
  • Outlining your eligibility to bring a claim against your employer
  • How much compensation you can expect from such claims
  • Advise whether legal action would be more beneficial
  • Negotiate the agreement’s terms directly with your employer and their legal team to ensure you get the best deal

You must seek legal advice before signing the settlement agreement. Once you sign the agreement, you can no longer negotiate amendments or bring forward a claim.

Getting You the Best Agreement

By doing everything within our power to see that you get the best terms in your settlement agreement, we hope the work of our excellent employment solicitors will help you to start your new path, with as little stress and pressure as possible.

We promise to protect and support our clients until they receive recognition and agreement from their employer. We are here to listen, advise and ensure that you are given the best legal support available.

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