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UK Employment Law Solicitors

Have you been treated unfairly at work, discriminated against, bullied or even harassed? If so, you may be able to claim compensation at an employment tribunal with the help of our expert solicitors on a no-win-no-fee basis.

Usually disputes between an employer and employee can be resolved within the workplace, but when this isn’t possible and matters escalate to a more serious level, it may be time to seek legal advice.

Your Legal Rights as an Employee

Our employment law solicitors are highly qualified and have experience representing employees across industries for a wide range of employment law breaches.

In the UK there are strict laws protecting the rights of all employees.

Our employment law solicitors will advise you of your legal options when you feel you have been treated unfairly, and can help you claim for compensation if you suffered any losses as a result.

UK Employment Law Services

The workplace is where we spend most of our adult life, so any disputes or frustrations with our employer  can be traumatic.

With a team of expert employment solicitors based in Manchester, we will be able to handle a wide range of legal matters for employees facing workplace disputes across the country.

  • Wrongful dismissal claims

    A wrongful dismissal claim can be made when an employee’s employment contract is terminated by the employer in breach of the terms within the contract.

    The employee is not required to have been active in the company for a minimum qualifying period of two years if they have a wrongful dismissal claim.

    Wrongful dismissal claims can proceed to employment tribunal no matter the length of employment.

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  • Unfair dismissal claims

    An unfair dismissal claim can be made when an employer dismisses an employee without good reason or fails to follow the company’s own formal dismissal procedure. 

    Employees can only claim unfair dismissal after two years of service, unless the claim is in regards to discrimination or harassment.

    Automatically unfair

    Being dismissed because of any of the following reasons would most likely mean that the dismissal is unfair:

    • You asked for flexible working
    • You refused to give up working time rights
    • You joined a trade union
    • You took part in legal industrial action within the last three months
    • You applied for parental leave or were on parental leave
    • You exposed wrongdoing
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  • Constructive dismissal claims

    A claim of constructive dismissal can be made after two years or more of service if the employee had no choice but to leave their job due to their employers’ poor conduct.

    Poor conduct could include the employer suddenly withholding pay, demoting the employee without reason, allowing other employees to harass and discriminate against the employee or forcing unreasonable changes, such as drastic changes to their working hours.

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  • Discrimination at work

    Discrimination and harassment in the workplace are against the law. If an employee feels harassed or treated unfairly based on discriminatory attitudes of the employer, they can claim for unfair dismissal.

    Unfair dismissal claims that involve complaints of discrimination or harassment do not require the employee to have been active in the company for two or more years, unlike standard unfair dismissal claims.

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  • Settlement agreements

    Settlement agreements are a legally binding solution for both the employee and employer if one or both parties wish to end an employment contract in a mutually beneficial way.

    If an employer doesn’t have grounds for dismissal but feels like they aren’t profiting from employing a particular member of staff, they may propose a settlement agreement to relieve the employee from their duties in a lawful and amicable way.

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Understanding Employment Law

UK employment law regulates the relations between employers, employees and trade unions, ensuring all workers are treated fairly and guaranteed a safe work environment.

Employment law covers all aspects of employment and most importantly includes regulation on minimum pay, working hours, parental leave, employment contracts, disciplinary and grievance procedures, dismissals, probation and notice periods, health and safety, redundancy, transfers of undertakings, equality and discrimination in the workplace.

UK Employment Tribunals

Under UK employment law, employees have the right to make a claim against their employer if a dispute occurs.

Most employment claims are handled by an employment tribunal and employees are not charged with any fees for doing so.

Requirements to Meet Before Filing a Claim

For a claim to be accepted, it has to meet certain requirements. A primary requirement is the time in which a claim is filed.

There are strict time restrictions set out in which an employee can make a claim after an event happened, which is usually either three or six months.

Evidence to Provide at Tribunal

The employee filing the complaint needs to consider all the evidence they, and the company, will be able to provide at the tribunal.

Without evidence to back up their arguments the employee could find their claim being rejected.

Equality Act 2010

Set out by European legislation, the Equality Act 2010 is one of the most recent and meaningful changes in employment law. It was created with the aim of minimising social exclusion, discrimination and inequality.

The act specifically protects employees from discrimination based on race, religion or beliefs, gender, age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and sexual orientation.

If your employer is in breach of the Equality Act by carrying out or condoning discriminatory practices based on one of the earlier mentioned ‘protected characteristics’, you can make a claim against them at an employment tribunal.

Awards for ‘Injury to Feelings’

An employer is liable to pay the following awards for ‘injury to feelings’ as a result of breaching the equality regulation:

  • £900 to £8,600 for less serious cases
  • £8,600 to £25,700 for cases that do not merit an award in the upper band
  • £25,700 to £42,900 for serious cases regarding discrimination and harassment

Why You Should Speak to an Employment Law Solicitor

Employment law is constantly changing as it reacts to the ever-changing economy, new technological advancements and new verdicts on employment tribunal cases throughout the country.

Navigating this area of law can feel like a real minefield, but with us on your side the process of starting your employment law claim will be much more straightforward.

Call us today on 0844 414 0667 or request a call-back from one of our employment law solicitors.

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Our Fees

AWH Solicitors supports clients with their employment tribunal claims on a no-win-no-fee basis. This means that as a client, you won’t put yourself at any financial risk.

If your case isn’t successful you don’t pay a penny, and if you do win you will keep all of the compensation awarded.

Since the 26th of July 2017 employees no longer need to pay fees to a tribunal to make an employment claim in the UK, making it possible for you to start your claim with our specialist support without spending any money.

Full transparency at all times

We aspire to be completely transparent on pricing from the beginning, so none of our clients will ever be surprised at the end of the process.

Furthermore, we believe advice and support from our team of solicitors should be affordable to those in need.


Please be aware that cost may differ depending on your personal circumstances.

Our Promise to You

  • Approachable and friendly solicitors

    We are committed to delivering a truly personal service that puts you and your wishes first. Our team will always be on hand to support you, regardless of the time or location.

  • Award-winning service across our fields of expertise

    Our high standards of service are applied consistently across all of our departments. Regardless of your enquiry, you can expect to receive the best legal advice delivered in a sympathetic manner.

  • Advice tailored to your needs

    We take the time to listen to your needs and offer guidance that is best suited to your current situation.

    There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to any area of law; every case requires a tailored approach and you deserve a solicitor who understands this.

  • Outstanding customer service and care

    Our reputation is largely built on the exceptional level of client care we continue to deliver.

    Every case is handled with the utmost level of respect and many of our clients have recommended us after building an invaluable relationship with our solicitors.

  • Transparent on fees and processes

    Transparency is very important to us as we want you to feel confident in our services.

    We adhere to providing full transparency on fees, ensuring that you know exactly what you are paying for and keep you updated on the progress of your case along every step of the way.