Family Law Solicitors

Family Law Solicitors

Experienced Family Law Solicitors Offering Expert Legal Advice

Family law can be a sensitive area, and cases can significantly impact the lives of everyone affected. Our experienced family law solicitors, in Blackburn and Manchester, can help you with all your family matters.

We are here for you throughout each stage of family life, including when you are:

We’re dedicated to helping you reach a solution that is right for you. We will provide expert legal advice that can ensure that you get the result that you want.

AWH Solicitors’ also provides Legal Aid, and we may be able to offer it to you.

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Please note: We are a solicitor firm with offices in Manchester and Blackburn, United Kingdom, and can only assist in family law matters to those living in England and Wales.


Our team of SRA-approved family lawyers can help you with all aspects of divorce, including the financial and child arrangements. Our expert divorce solicitors in Blackburn and Manchester can also provide you with specialist advice in cases of domestic violence or domestic abuse.

If your UK immigration status is dependant on your relationship (i.e. you are living in the UK on a spouse visa), then our immigration department can further help you assess your options to remain in the UK after your divorce.

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Child disputes between parents

We can provide impartial advice and compassionate representation for a large range of legal family law issues that involve your children. We can help you set out child agreements and provide support during child care proceedings.

All of our child and family law solicitors in Blackburn and Manchester are professionally qualified to deal with the most challenging of disputes.

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Care proceedings and matters involving social services

Our team can help parents with care proceedings and all other matters involving social services. We can support you throughout any stage of the process, and can provide you with quality legal advice if you are worried social services may remove your children, or if you simply want to understand more about what social services can and cannot do.

Our specialist team includes members of the Law Society Children and Family Panel and Association for the Lawyers for Children. Our Solicitor advocates are able to provide advocacy at Court without the need to instruct external barristers.

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Financial settlements

When a couple who are in civil relationships or civil partnerships, divorces or separates they need to divide their assets fairly. Any agreements that were put in place prior to their marriage need to be assessed, along with all the assets they have gathered during their time together.

With the right guidance and support from our family law solicitors you can often reach an agreement during this first stage. Our expertise in family law means we can often help achieve this through negotiation with your partner.

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Cohabitation agreements

If you do not wish to marry but you are living with your partner, our family lawyers can help you set out a cohabitation agreement. These are legally binding documents that set out what happens to any assets, such as your property, in the event of separation. It can also cover matters regarding debt payments, mortgage payments and who will be responsible for ongoing household bills after a split.

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Pre and post nuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements are legal documents that outline exactly what will happen to your assets and children if you get divorced. Our experienced family lawyers can help make sure you and your partner are well-protected from any future disagreements by helping you set our your agreement, either before or after you get married.

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Domestic abuse

Our family law solicitors have got extensive experience dealing with matters involving domestic abuse. If you have suffered physically, emotionally or even financially as a result of abuse within your relationship, we can help you. For example, we may help you obtain a non-molestation or occupation order from the courts to protect you from your ex, at the same time as setting out child agreements and finalising your divorce.

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Islamic divorce

Our multilingual Islamic law solicitors work closely with the Sharia Council of Great Britain and well-respected Islamic Scholars.

This helps us ensure that all of the legal services we offer to Muslim clients are compliant with both English and Sharia law.

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Consent orders

A consent order outlines how you split assets such as money, investments and property with your ex after a relationship breakdown or divorce.

Consent orders are voluntary agreements, which outline you and your partner’s legal rights. Once approved by the courts, they are legally binding.

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Family mediation

Family mediation is a helpful tool for resolving disputes in a civil manner, without needing to go to court.

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How our family law solicitors can help you

In most cases, court proceedings aren’t necessary as long if the negotiations are handled with care and understanding. Our family lawyers can help individuals during each step of the divorce process, whilst focussing on getting the best result for their client.

Our dedicated family lawyers in Manchester and Blackburn have helped many clients through their divorce and separation proceedings, including financial settlement hearings and children disputes. We have a long history of finding compromises that work for everyone.

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How do I choose a good family solicitor?

When you are choosing a family solicitor, you should consider whether they have all of the relevant qualifications to help you in all the areas of law that you need. You can choose a solicitor based on recommendation, or by looking at reviews online. You should also consider how much they charge and the way in which they work.

What do family law solicitors do?

Family law solicitors can assist with a number of different things, including; divorce, child care proceedings, domestic abuse, parental abduction, disputes relating to children, mediation, and a number of other family services.

How much are solicitor fees for family law?

The fees that you could be charged for family law services can be vastly different based on what exactly it is that you need. An initial chat with one of our family solicitors will help you to understand what the best options for you are.