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Family law solicitors UK

Family law is a deeply sensitive area, and cases can significantly impact the lives of everyone affected. Our experienced family law solicitors always aim to provide a service that is sensitive to your situation.

Let us help you with all your family matters. We are here for you throughout each stage of family life, including when you are:

We’re dedicated to helping you reach a solution that is financially and emotionally right for you. We will provide confidential legal advice that is personally tailored to you and your situation. In this way we can ensure a result that lets you and your loved ones create the future you want.

Please note: We are a solicitor firm with offices in Manchester and Blackburn, United Kingdom, and can only assist in family law matters to those living in England and Wales.

Our specialist family law team

At AWH Solicitors we have a specialist family law team that deals exclusively with family disputes.

We take the time to listen to your needs, and are well aware how upsetting family disputes like divorce can be. We’ll do our absolute best to minimise that distress and make the process as quick and comfortable as possible.

Expert family law services


Our team of SRA-approved divorce solicitors are passionate about using their skills and years of experience to help you end your marriage with the least complications for you and your family.

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Islamic divorce

Our multilingual Islamic law solicitors work closely with the Sharia Council of Great Britain and well-respected Islamic Scholars.

This helps us ensure that all of the legal services we offer to Muslim clients are compliant with both English and Sharia law.

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Children disputes

We can provide impartial advice and compassionate representation for a large range of legal issues involving your children.

All of our child and family law solicitors are professionally qualified to deal with the most challenging of disputes. We will work hard to achieve an outcome that suits your family needs.

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Financial settlements

When a couple divorces or separates they need to divide their assets fairly. Any agreements that were put in place prior to their marriage need to be assessed, along with all the assets they have gathered during their time together.

With the right guidance and support you can often reach an agreement during this first stage. Our expertise in family law means we can often help achieve this through negotiation with your partner.

Financial settlement processes

Sometimes couples cannot reach an agreement. In these situations, a clear framework for next steps has been set out. It is not hard for things to become complex and emotional at this time. Money and assets are sensitive topics for most people.

Our expert solicitors are here to advise and guide you through these complex financial settlement procedures. We can help you reach the outcome you deserve.

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Cohabitation agreements

If you and your partner live together as a cohabiting couple, but aren’t married or in a civil partnership, you don’t automatically have the same rights as married couples do.

If you don’t intend to marry we can help you reach a cohabitation agreement. This will protect you and your partner if your relationship was to ever break down.

Once signed by both partners it is a legally binding agreement and allows you to enjoy rights much closer to that of a married couple.

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A consent order outlines how you split assets such as money, investments and property with your ex after a divorce.

Consent orders are voluntary agreements, which outline you and your partner’s legal rights. Once approved by the courts, they are legally binding.

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Protection from domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is still a prevalent issue in the UK, and a matter that needs to be dealt with carefully and sensitively. Domestic abuse can be described as a single incident or a pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening, degrading and/or violent behaviour.

We understand that cases involving domestic abuse should be dealt with sensitively but also urgently. In these instances, your safety, and the safety of your children are our top priority.

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Family mediation

Family mediation is a helpful tool for resolving disputes in a civil manner, without needing to go to court.

The process involves sitting both parties down together with a qualified, professional mediator. Someone with the skills and understanding to encourage discussions and help both parties reach an agreement that works for you both.

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Prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements are legally binding documents that detail what will happen to the assets you share, your children and any maintenance arrangements if you ever get divorced.

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Family law and divorce settlements

The process of going through a divorce can become complex and frustrating very quickly, especially if there are children and shared assets involved.

Even with prenuptial agreements in place, many aspects have to be addressed to ensure you a successful outcome without going to court.

Court proceedings

It is always better for couples going through a divorce to settle the matter outside of court. You can stay in control of the negotiations, saving you money, time and hassle.

However, if you can’t reach an agreement during negotiations and settlement meetings,  a court judge will make the final decision. This decision is binding and both parties have to agree to whatever the judge says.

DIY Divorces

Many couples underestimate the challenges of divorce , and may try a ‘do-it-yourself’ divorce online. This may seem better and more affordable, but in many cases it still leads to traditional hearings and proceedings. An unsuccessful DIY divorce will cost you more time, money and emotion in the long run, if you end up reverting to the traditional process.

How we can help you

In most cases, court proceedings aren’t necessary as long as the negotiations are handled with care and understanding. Our divorce solicitors can help individuals during each step of the divorce process, whilst focussing on getting the best result for their client.

Our dedicated family law solicitors in Manchester and Blackburn have helped many clients through their divorce and separation proceedings, including financial settlement hearings and children disputes. We have a long history of finding compromises that work for everyone, with the least amount of emotional distress.

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Very efficient firm. You have handled my case’s impeccably. My advisor, Charlotte, has been 100% professional and efficient.

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You were the third solicitor firm who handled my claim. Things were going at a pedantic rate but your file handles Craig Johnson kept me informed and advised me whenever! The claim took over 3 years from start to finish but Craig worked on it in good time.

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She saw to every little detail and made sure I was reassured every step of the way. She showed me empathy and always went the extra mile.

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