Arrangements For Children after Divorce or Separation

As experienced children law solicitors we know that the primary concern for many parents is the welfare and well-being of their children, especially during the difficult moments in their lives.

Arguably one of the most difficult family events a young person can experience is the divorce of their parents. Divorce is always unpleasant, and it can affect many people’s lives for a short or longer period of time. 

Legal Services for Child Disputes

It can often be difficult to agree on a best way forward with your ex.

That is why AWH Solicitors are here to offer legal services helping you deal with any matters regarding your children.

For example, we can help you with:

  • Residence orders: which will determine where your child will live
  • Contact orders: to make arrangements for contact with your children
  • Prohibited steps orders: preventing a parent from taking particular action in relation to your children, including taking children abroad
  • Specific issue orders: to resolve a specific dispute such as for example which school your children should attend
  • Parental responsibility agreements: protecting your legal rights to be involved in important decisions regarding your children’s health, education and welfare.
  • Change of name: when you or your partner want to change your child’s name
  • International or national relocation: helping you settle disputes regarding children moving abroad or to another area of the country with the other parent

With many years of experience helping parents to resolve their disputes in the best interest of their children, we are ready to help you too.

Children Law Solicitors

To minimise the negative affect of separation on yourself and on your children an amicable divorce is desirable.

When all matters are negotiated fairly, and clear agreements have been reached regarding the children and finances the healing process of your family can start.

Getting help with your divorce and child arrangements can save you a lot of time, frustration and hassle.

With the guidance and support from our family law solicitors, your matters can often be dealt with more swiftly causing you less stress and upset.

  • Child arrangement agreements/orders

    Divorce and separation can have a significant impact on a child’s life, which is why we will always keep your child’s best interest in mind.

    Our children law solicitors have given support and guidance to hundreds of families regarding a wide range of legal matters involving children.

    We have supported each family with care and tailored advice, ensuring their divorces were dealt with in a fair, swift and amicable manner.

    Who the children should live with, when the children should see their parents or grandparents, financial terms and child maintenance agreements are all areas in which our child custody solicitors provide sound, honest and clear child law advice.

  • Manchester based children law solicitors

    Based in Manchester, our children law solicitors are on hand to provide you with the guidance and support you will need.

    We understand your concerns as a parent and will ensure that we act swiftly to protect the interests of you and your children.

    Furthermore, where there are serious concerns about your child’s immediate safety and welfare, we are able to act urgently to provide them with protection through the courts.

    We will guide you along every step of the legal process, giving you our honest, considered advice on the divorce proceedings and the complexities of children’s law.

  • Legal support during your divorce

    We will do what we can to support and guide you through the process of obtaining your divorce with children involved.

    We will handle your divorce with care, so we can help you minimise the negative effects of custody and child maintenance disagreements on your family.

    By doing so we hope to secure a brighter future for you and your family.

  • Child law advice and support

    Our expert family and child law solicitors know that each family and each divorce will be different.

    That is why we ensure that we provide each client with bespoke advice suited to their specific situation.

    Depending on your situation, one or more of our services will be suited to you. Our family law solicitors handle legal matters regarding child arrangements, divorce, financial settlements, cohabitation agreements, mediation and pre and post nuptial agreements.

  • Court orders and child agreements

    In all cases within child law the courts will focus on what is in the best interest of the child or children.

    For that reason, the child’s welfare will always be of the courts main concern when making any decisions regarding any of the following orders:

    • Children Arrangement Order (formerly known as residence orders): a court order detailing who the child or children will be living with
    • Contact orders: arrangements detailing when, how often and where the child will have contact with a person other than the person they reside with
    • Prohibited steps orders: these court orders prevent a parent from taking particular action in relation to your children, including taking them for overseas trips and permanently moving them to other areas in England or abroad
    • Specific issue orders: these orders detail the arrangement made on a specific topic of dispute, such as which school your child should attend, medical treatments, name change or religious upbringing
    • Parental responsibility agreements: agreements set out to protect your legal rights to be involved in important decisions concerning your child’s education, health and welfare
    • Change of name:  agreements of both parents for a change in your child’s name
    • International or national relocation: agreements made regarding whether the child or children can be moved abroad or to another area of the country

    The Children Act 1989 sets out specific duties to parents, courts and other local authorities and agencies within the United Kingdom, ensuring that children are safeguarded, and their welfare is always being considered.

What Children Law Solicitors can do for You

Family solicitors will further ensure that all agreements are set out clearly and unambiguously, so future arguments over previous agreements can be avoided causing less of a strain on you and your family.

With children being the most important part of almost any parents’ life, arguments over child custody and child maintenance are often the most bitter aspects of the divorce negotiations.

We are here to work tirelessly with great empathy and sympathy to help you reach a positive agreement between you and your ex.

We are always focussed on minimising the negative impacts of divorce on the parties involved, especially the children.

Children Law Solicitors Manchester

Remember, our children law solicitors in Manchester are on your side.

We will do what is best for you and your children as quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.

For more information on how we can help you, call today or request a call back from one of our expert family law solicitors for a time that suits you best.

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Our Fees

Our services regarding children law will be priced with your specific situation in mind. However, in general, children law fees are as follows:

Children law services
General costs from: £750
VAT from: £150
Total from: £900

Please be aware that cost may differ depending on your personal circumstances.

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