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Our expert family law solicitors can deal with all the legalities of child arrangements and can help you throughout the process of organising them.

The team at AWH Solicitors have the empathy and the expertise you need for child arrangements after a divorce. Call us now on 0800 999 2220 or contact us online today and we will call you.

Common Orders and Agreements Between Separated Parents

When you are separating, it can be difficult to agree on a way forward with your ex-partner, especially when children are involved. We can help you with several different family law matters that will always prioritise the well-being of your children.

We can help you with:

  • Residence orders
    These are legally binding orders between you and your former partner to help you finalise the agreements on where your children will live.
  • Contact Orders
    These are legally binding orders which will set out how much contact you and your former partner will have with your children.
  • Prohibited steps orders
    These are legally binding orders that will prevent either of you from taking particular action with your children, such as taking them abroad.
  • Specific issue orders
    Specific issue orders will help you to resolve a specific dispute, such as which school your children should attend.
  • Parental responsibility agreements
    These agreements protect your legal rights to be involved in important decisions about your children’s health, education and welfare.
  • Agreements on change of name
    Agreements you can set out with your former partner when either of you wants to change your child’s name.
  • Agreements on international or national relocation
    Agreements help you settle disputes about moving children abroad or to another area of the country with the other parent.

To minimise the negative impact of separation on your children, it is always best to have clear arrangements between you and your former partner. We can help you to achieve this straightforwardly.

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