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Money and asset distribution are sensitive topics, and most divorces require some difficult decisions to be made about them. We can help guide you through these financial settlement procedures with care and understanding.

By approaching everything compassionately and efficiently, our experienced team of award-winning solicitors will help you settle all financial issues with your ex-spouse quickly and with the lowest possible cost. Our divorce solicitors are based in Blackburn and Manchester and can help clients both locally and across the country.

We want you to feel confident with every decision you make during your divorce settlement process. The processes involved can be complex, but we will give you the support you need for a clean break, so you can feel confident that you’ve prepared for everything.

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Please note: We are a solicitor firm with offices in Manchester and Blackburn, United Kingdom, and can only assist in family law matters to those living in England and Wales.

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Financial settlement packages – Manchester and Blackburn

We offer a range of fixed fee financial packages, so you won’t run into any unpleasant surprises. These fixed fee services particularly appeal to couples who want to settle their financial issues constructively.

Using an experienced financial settlement solicitor is essential if you want to keep things efficient and reach the outcome you want without wasting money.

There are multiple stages in the financial settlement process:

Stage 1: Negotiations and disclosure

The initial stage allows us to get your finances ready to share openly with your spouse. This lets you reach a legally binding financial agreement as quickly as possible.

Stage 2: First Directions Appointment (FDA)

The FDA stage only applies if the negotiations and disclosure stage has failed. Financial remedy proceedings need to be issued at this stage, so the court can understand all financial issues arising from your marriage and suggest a solution.

Stage 3: The Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) hearing

We only proceed to a financial dispute resolution hearing if an agreement can’t be reached with the two initial stages. The purpose of the FDR hearing is to give you and your former spouse the opportunity to settle everything by negotiation, sharing offers until you are both happy.

Stage 4: The Final Hearing

If you still haven’t reached a decision, a final hearing will occur. At this stage control is taken away from you both and a final decision is made by your judge. You can present your case through facts and evidence, but they will decide how your financial assets will be divided.

What happens at each stage of the financial settlements process

If things are handled appropriately, you shouldn’t need to complete more than the first stage of the financial settlement process. If you can come to an agreement, your finances can be settled here.

Stage 1: Negotiations and disclosure

This stage is not voluntary. Both you and your partner need to provide full disclosure if you genuinely wish to reach an agreement quickly and keep costs to a minimum.

To help do this we will go through the following steps with you.

1. Financial statement

We’ll give you general advice on processes, procedures and completing your financial statement (‘Form E’)

2. Disclosure

We’ll liaise with your spouse and their lawyer to exchange information known as ‘disclosures’.

3. Negotiation

We’ll negotiate a settlement and agree on the terms of the consent order.

4. Submission

We’ll submit your consent order to the court

If you can’t reach an agreement in stage 1 we’ll advise you on next steps.

Not included in this package

The following services are not included in this financial settlement package, although we do offer these services separately.

  • Advice or work in relation to divorce or children
  • Making an application to the court for financial remedy – for the court to determine the financial assets
  • Implementation of the consent order e.g. conveyancing work

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Stage 2: First Directions Appointment (FDA)

At this stage, we will go through the following steps with you.

1. Application

We’ll prepare your court application form

2. Financial statement

We’ll update your financial statement (‘Form E’)

3.Preparing documents

We’ll prepare your questionnaire and first appointment documents

4. Exchange

We’ll exchange your FDA documents

5. Court

We’ll attend the FDA and represent you in court

Not included in this package

The following services are not included in this financial settlement package, though we do offer these services separately.

  • Any advice in relation to children or divorce issues
  • Any other applications within the financial remedy application which may arise e.g. an injunction to protect assets that your spouse may have disposed of

Stage 3: The Financial Dispute Resolution

The intention here is to help both parties settle everything at the FDR stage, without the need for a final hearing.

At the FDR hearing the judge will give you an indication of how they would determine the case if it were a final hearing.

Any offers made at an FDR hearing are kept confidential and can’t be referred to at a final hearing. However, most cases will be resolved during the FDR stage.

At this stage, we will go through the following steps with you:

1. Preparation

We’ll prepare your replies to the questionnaire and scrutinise your spouse’s questionnaire

2. Instruction

We’ll instruct any necessary experts

3. Discussion

We’ll discuss proposals from your ex-partner (if they submit any)

4. Negotiation

We can negotiate an agreement and file your consent order at court

5. FDR hearing

If matters are not agreed we will attend the FDR hearing

Not included in this package

This financial settlement package doesn’t include advice about children, divorce or any urgent applications which may arise within the financial proceedings. You can learn more about our divorce services on our divorce homepage.

Stage 4: The final hearing

Unfortunately, matters do sometimes proceed to a final hearing. The final hearing is where control is taken away from each party and where a final decision is made by the judge.

Both parties present their case through facts and evidence. The judge will then decide how your financial assets will be divided.

The process for the final hearing is complex and requires a lot of preparation.

At this stage, we will go through the following steps with you:

1. Update disclosure

We’ll update your financial disclosure

2. Preparation

We’ll prepare any narrative statements and bundles you need

3. Cost estimates

We’ll update your cost estimates

4. Preparing your statement

We’ll prepare your open statement of proposals on your offer along with instructions to your barrister

Not included in this package

The following services are not included in this financial settlements package, though we do offer them separately.

  • Advice in respect of children and divorce matters
  • Implementing any terms of the consent order; e.g. any conveyancing work
  • Financial advice e.g. transfer of pensions in the event of a pension sharing order

Divorce financial settlements

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Every day we help clients with financial settlements, child disputes, cohabitation agreements, consent orders, prenuptial agreements and family mediation. Whatever you need to move on with your life, we can help.

Arranging your financial settlements after divorce

If you’d like to know more about how our expert family solicitors can help you deal with your financial settlement issues, give us call us today or request a call back.

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