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Relationship breakdowns are never easy to deal with due to the emotions often involved. You need someone at your side that you can trust. At AWH Solicitors we understand how difficult the divorce process can be. We’re here to guide you through all the decisions that you need to make.

Our specialist divorce solicitors are highly experienced, and will prioritise your best interests in everything they do. Our legal advice is confidential and personalised, to help you achieve a result that’s right for you and those you love.

In addition to handling your divorce procedures, our solicitors can also help you with:

UK divorce procedure

In order to file for divorce you need to prove that your marriage has broken down. This may be due to adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion or separation for a period longer than two years.

The formal divorce procedure begins when you file a divorce petition form. You can pay the fees and submit your petition at your local divorce centre.

If both parties agree with the petition, before or after informal or formal negotiations, the divorce can go ahead. However, if disputes occur and they can’t be easily resolved, your case may go to court.

Court hearings can take up a lot of your time, and are often very stressful and emotional. We always aim to help our clients avoid the courts where this is possible, whilst getting the deal that is best for them. If we do need to go to court we can defend your rights and plead your case, guiding you through the entire divorce process with ease.

Common legal matters in marriage and divorce

Property disputes

Often the most difficult aspect of divorce is how to share assets, in particular the family home.

Depending on your situation you may wish to sell the property and divide the profits, however more complicated situations often occur. If one of you wants to stay in the property you need to find an agreement so the value can be shared equally.

If children are involved any property dispute will always be resolved in the way that benefits them best. One parent may be able to stay in the house until the children turn 18, even if the other parent doesn’t agree.

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Disputes regarding child arrangements

Child disputes can easily occur if you disagree about where your children should live, visitation rights, parenting plans or child maintenance.

Making arrangements for children during a divorce is often a very emotional and difficult process, and much better handled outside of the courts. A judge will only hear child custody issues if you can’t reach an agreement through mediation and negotiation first.

Family solicitors can help ensure the agreements you reach are legally binding by drafting a ‘consent order’. After both parents have agreed the consent order, it will be signed off by a judge. They will only do this if they believe you have acted in the best interest of the children and aren’t concerned about their safety.

If you’ve tried everything else and your dispute does go to court, a judge will decide on the arrangements. Judges will always prioritise your child’s best interests, and take their preferences into account where possible.

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Domestic abuse

Unfortunately, domestic abuse is still common in the UK. The Office of National Statistics estimates that 1.9 million people suffered from domestic abuse in the year ending March 2017 in England and Wales alone.

It is often assumed that victims are always women, but over 710,000 men reported being the victim of domestic abuse in the same year. Anyone can become a victim of domestic abuse, no matter their gender, personality or behaviour.

Our family law solicitors can support and guide you towards long-term solutions that protect your safety and rights.

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Visa issues after divorce

If you are an immigrant living in the UK on a partnership visa, and your stay in the UK depends on your relationship, our immigration solicitors can provide extra support.

They will be able to help you apply for visa extensions, indefinite leave to remain or even asylum, depending on your situation.

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Pre-nuptial agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two people drawn up before they get married. It sets out how they want to divide their assets in the event of a divorce.

Prenuptial agreements are legally binding. Unless a court decides they are unfair, they will be enforced if you get divorced.

Having a prenuptial agreement in place gives you both peace of mind that your assets are protected and will be shared fairly.

Because the negotiations on asset distribution have already finished before your marriage, a clean separation is much more likely with a prenuptial agreement.

Post-nuptial agreements

Postnuptial agreements are similar to prenuptial agreements, but are set up after a couple is already married.

Just as with a prenuptial agreement, the postnuptial agreement clearly outlines how assets will be shared in a divorce. You may want a postnuptial agreement if you got married without any agreement in place. Even though you are currently happily married, a plan would protect both you and your partner if you ever broke up.

Having a signed postnuptial agreement gives you and your partner peace of mind that your futures are secure, helping to avoid a messy divorce down the line.

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Financial settlements

When a couple divorces or separates they need to divide their assets fairly. Any agreements that were put in place prior to their marriage need to be assessed, along with all the assets they have gathered during their relationship.

With the right guidance and support you can often reach an agreement through this initial stage of settling your finances. Our expertise in family law means we can help bring this about through negotiations and disclosure from both parties.

Sometimes couples cannot reach an agreement. In these situations, a clear framework of processes has been set out. It is not hard for things to become complex and emotional at this time. Money and assets are sensitive topics for most people. Our expert family law solicitors in Manchester are here to advise and guide you through everything. We can help you reach the outcome you deserve.

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Separating or dissolving a civil partnership

Dissolving a civil partnership

Ending a civil partnership is very similar to ending a marriage through a civil divorce. However, there are some important differences that need to be considered.

Our divorce solicitors have extensive experience supporting clients going through a dissolution or annulment of their civil partnership. We can guide and support you during the breakdown and help dissolve your civil partnership. All our expert advice will be tailored to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Separation of unmarried couples

When unmarried cohabiting couples separate they don’t have the same rights as married couples.

Many people think that after a certain amount of years of living together, unmarried couples are recognised as ‘common law wife or husband’ and treated in the same way as married couples. This is unfortunately not true.

Property disputes for unmarried couples

Separating and splitting assets belonging to an unmarried couple is highly complex, especially when property is involved.

As an unmarried partner you need to provide proof that you are entitled to the property or part of the value of that property, if it wasn’t in your name. If the property was in both names, issues can occur if one of you refuses to leave or doesn’t wish to sell.

For this reason it is always in your best interest to manage your separation carefully and with the expert guidance from our family law solicitors.

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