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domestic abuse solicitors
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Our expert domestic abuse solicitors can offer you the very best legal support when you feel that you need to leave a difficult situation.

Domestic Abuse Services

Depending on your circumstances, you may need our help with your separation or divorce, division of assets and child arrangements. In cases of domestic abuse, you may also need a:

Our expert solicitors understand that cases of domestic abuse need to be dealt with sensitively and urgently. The safety of both you and your children is always our main priority.

The Protective Measures We Can Enforce

We can help you apply for one or both of the following, as well as help with your divorce or separation agreements:

If the individual breaches the terms of their court order, they could face several years imprisonment, however, this is very rare. We can also arrange protection for your children and help you get a divorce from your abusive partner.

Not wanting to deal with your partner directly in this situation is perfectly understandable. If this is the case, we can manage any separation issues on your behalf.

Recognising the Signs of Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse isn’t always physical. Below are some common examples of abusive behaviour which you should look out for, whether for your safety or someone else’s:

  • Harassment – this includes stalking, sending unwanted texts and letters, humiliating you or violating your privacy.
  • Isolation – this could be anything from pressurising or encouraging you to stay away from friends and family to banning contact with the outside world entirely. It’s also common for abusers to monitor online behaviour and text messages.
  • Verbal abuse – belittling, name-calling, making accusations and excessive shouting are all examples of verbally abusive behaviour.
  • Threats – this could include acting in an intimidating way, threatening violence towards you or your family members or destroying your belongings.
  • Controlling behaviour – controlling your access to money, clothing or even food would classify as abuse. Controlling behaviour is one of the first signs of an abusive relationship, and it tends to get a lot worse over time.
  • Sexual violence – this may include using force towards the victim, degrading them or making sexual and violent threats.

Our Advice on Starting a Domestic Abuse Case

We strongly recommend that you take the following steps:

  • Report any incidents of abuse to the police immediately.
  • If you are injured, seek medical advice as soon as possible and keep a copy of your GP’s report. If possible, we also recommend that you take photographs of any injuries to build evidence against the abuser.
  • Save proof of any abusive or threatening communication such as text messages, emails or letters.
  • Keep all of this information in a personal diary, noting specific times and dates wherever you can.

It is crucial that you gather enough evidence for your domestic abuse solicitors to use, as this will then improve your chances of being granted a protection order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for help. Our solicitors can arrange a confidential discussion about your case whenever you feel comfortable.

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