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Hire Purchase Claims

If you have recently purchased a car with outstanding finance on it you will need to take action to avoid losing that car and the entire payment you already made.

At AWH Solicitors we can help. Our expert solicitors have successfully helped many clients claim back their losses with as little hassle as possible.

About Outstanding Finance and Hire Purchase Agreements

A car with outstanding finance was never officially owned by the seller who sold the car to you and therefore will not automatically belong to you after purchasing it.

The finance company are still the registered owners of that vehicle and will reclaim it from you, leaving you without a car or a refund.

Hire Purchase Agreements and Your Rights

Luckily, you do have rights. Even though you failed to check the vehicle for outstanding finance with an HPI check prior to the purchase, you can still make a claim.

Making a claim will ensure that you can either keep the vehicle and obtain good title to the vehicle,  or if the vehicle has been repossessed we can reclaim the vehicle back or get full compensation for the payment you made to the seller.

Learn More About Hire Purchase Claims

Our expert solicitors have never lost an HPI case and can help you win yours too.

We understand the frustration these types of cases can cause, so we are here to support you through every step of the legal process.

  • What does HPI stand for?

    HPI stands for Hire Purchase Inspection; with some saying the ‘I’ can also stand for ‘Index’, ‘Investigation’ or ‘Information’. 

  • What does Outstanding Finance mean?

    The abbreviation HPI is most often used by people who are thinking of purchasing, or have recently purchased a second-hand car.

    If a second-hand car has ‘HPI on it’, more commonly called ’outstanding finance’; it means that the car is owned by the finance company that the driver has a hire purchase agreement with. 

  • What is a Hire Purchase Agreement?

    The driver will have paid either nothing or a relatively low deposit to be able to start driving the vehicle. They will then continue to pay the finance company a fixed fee on a monthly basis until the hire purchase agreement, the contract between the driver and the finance company, concludes.

    At the end of the contract the driver often gets given the option to exchange the car, starting a new hire purchase agreement, or buy the current car outright from the finance company.

  • Why is this important to me?

    When the contract is still in effect and the driver has not outright purchased the car, the vehicle still legally belongs to the finance company.  If the driver sells the car with outstanding finance on it, a person buying the car might pay the seller but that does not automatically mean they become the legal owner.

    It won’t take long before the finance company is notified of the sale and they will likely seek to impound the car or threaten to do so, unless you pay off the outstanding finance.

  • Is it too late to run an HPI Check?

    Checking if a car has outstanding finance is easy. Even if you have already purchased the car, it would be in your best interest to check.

    If the car does have outstanding finance on it, you would rather find out through an HPI check than from a knock on the door from the finance company. After being informed your car has finance outstanding you are recommended to immediately get in touch with your solicitor.

Complexity of Hire Purchase Claims

Representing yourself, issuing court proceedings and claiming back what you are rightfully owed can be complex and will drain your time and finances.

With the right legal help at hand the process will be managed efficiently and without much hassle.

Don’t Avoid the Issue

You should not avoid the issue, as attempting to hide the vehicle or obstructing the finance company in any way will worsen your situation significantly.

The finance company may contact the police the report the car as stolen from them.

Always comply with the finance company, but if they come to claim the vehicle, immediately seek legal advice.

Failing to manage the situation correctly could mean that you lose both your money and your car.

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Our Fees

We aspire to be completely transparent on pricing from the beginning, and we strongly believe advice and support from our team of solicitors should be affordable to those in need.

For our legal support with your Hire-Purchase claim we charge a fixed fee of £350 + VAT (£420) which covers all of the work we do for you up to the point where we issue proceedings, which may be necessary depending on your case.

If we do have to issue proceedings in your case, you are charged five percent of the total claim value.

For example, if your car was purchased for £11,000 the issue fee you would be charged would stand at £550. As you paid the fixed fee of £420 (including VAT) already, you would only need to pay us an additional £130 to proceed.

You will not be charged with any further fees for your claim, and this total covers the entire claim process.


Please be aware that cost may differ depending on your personal circumstances.

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