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Housing Disrepair Solicitors – Claim Compensation

If you live in social housing and your home is in a state of disrepair, our housing disrepair solicitors will help you claim for the necessary repairs to be carried out. We can also help you claim compensation for any physical or financial problems you have suffered as a result of the disrepair in your home.

Your local authority council or housing association must look after the property you are living in to make sure it meets and maintains certain standards. If those duties have been neglected, our housing disrepair claims solicitors can help you claim for the repairs to be carried out. In addition to getting you the repairs you need we can help you claim compensation for damage to your possessions, illness and injury.

Our housing disrepair solicitors will provide you with a free assessment, before taking on your claim on a no-win, no fee basis.

Housing Disrepair Law: What is a ‘State of Disrepair’?

We would generally say that you are living in a ‘state of disrepair’ if your house or flat has not been maintained properly by your landlord, to the extent that repairs are needed urgently. There might be significant damage to just one room, or to multiple rooms in your home. You may even be completely unable to use rooms in your property because of the landlord’s negligence and disrepair. You might have suffered damage to your personal belongings, such as your clothes or furniture, or your health.

Disrepair covers a lot of issues, including most structural defects, mould and damp, gas or water leaks, vermin or pest problems, faulty central heating and a lack of hot water. Many of these disrepair issues are linked, so can occur as a result of one another. They can also cause health issues, destroy your possessions and ultimately make your home unfit to live in.

Our housing disrepair solicitors are here to help anyone living in council and social housing that is facing these kinds of issues with landlord negligence and disrepair in their home.

Housing Disrepair Claims for Health and Safety

Structural damage, mould and damp, water and gas leaks, vermin control issues and no heating or hot water can all make your property dangerous and uncomfortable to live in. In theory, none of these problems should ever occur because your landlord has a responsibility to take care of serious issues when they start to develop. However, unfortunately, some landlords neglect their duties and leave tenants living in unfit conditions for long periods of time.

Your landlord is responsible for making sure:

  • The boiler is safe and working properly
  • All structural repairs are carried out promptly
  • The roof and plasterwork are maintained
  • Leaks are repaired swiftly
  • Areas of damp and mould are treated and the cause is dealt with
  • Wet and dry rot are removed
  • Subsidence is dealt with
  • Broken sewers are fixed swiftly
  • Damaged or exposed wiring is replaced
  • Gas and water leaks are quickly handled
  • Defective central heating is repaired or replaced
  • You have sufficient security

If your landlord fails to fulfil any of these responsibilities, our housing disrepair claims solicitors could help you make a claim for them to carry out the necessary repairs. We want you to be comfortable and happy in your home, without having to worry about disrepair creating health issues for you and your family.

Taking Action Against your Landlord under Housing Disrepair Law

If the condition of your home gets a lot worse because your social landlord hasn’t repaired disrepair or damage, you may need to take legal action. Note: you should always report issues to your landlord as soon as you notice them, which gives them a chance to carry out repairs quickly. However, if your landlord fails to fix what needs repairing, doesn’t respond to you, ignores the issue, or carries out the repair to a low standard then legal action against them is the appropriate next step.

No one should have to put up with unhealthy and degrading living conditions. Disrepair in a rented property caused by your landlord’s negligence is unacceptable and could be harmful to you and your family.

Our housing solicitors are specialists in handling cases that deal with disrepair in social housing. We can help you claim for the necessary repairs to be carried out by your landlord and even claim compensation for disrepair.

If your council or social property is in a poor condition and your landlord is not acting on it, contact our housing solicitors today. We’ll give you specialist advice and guidance, and support you through claiming compensation for disrepair. We want to help you live in comfort without having to worry about disrepair issues and the effects they may have on you and your family.

Housing Disrepair Compensation Claims & Housing Disrepair Law

Housing Disrepair: Damp and Mould

In many disrepair cases we deal with, our client’s housing association or council has failed to take care of mould and damp.

Mould and damp can cause serious health issues, especially in children, and should never be ignored. Our disrepair claim specialists will assess your situation and help you claim compensation for any resulting damage and health conditions.

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Gas and Water Leaks

We can help social housing tenants who have experienced persistent gas and/or water leaks and whose landlord has failed to carry out the necessary repairs.

Water and gas leaks have the potential to be dangerous and harmful to your health and wellbeing. They should be resolved urgently by your landlord. Our housing disrepair team may be able to help you if you are suffering from a gas or water leak.

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Structural Defects Claims

Our housing disrepair solicitors see many cases in which our client’s social housing landlord has failed to resolve structural issues, which has led to further problems arising.

Structural defects can be dangerous and can also cause other disrepair to develop which can be threatening to your health. Your landlord is highly likely responsible for repairing structural defects, so if they don’t and this causes you or your belongings harm our disrepair claim specialists could help you.

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Subsidence Claims

Subsidence in a house or apartment block can be a sign of potentially dangerous problems which could cause you harm. It occurs when all or just part of a property begins to slowly sink into the ground. It can cause many other types of disrepair issues to develop if repairs aren’t carried out.

Your social landlord should take action if you notice signs of subsidence. If they don’t, our housing disrepair claims solicitors could help you make a claim so that you can live in a safe home.

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Pest and Vermin Control Claims

Our disrepair team have often helped clients with pest and vermin control problems caused by other unresolved disrepair in their social housing home.

Vermin and pests should never live in your home, so your landlord has a duty to prevent this from happening as a result of poor maintenance by making sure all disrepair is fixed promptly. Our disrepair solicitors will be able to help you claim for the necessary repairs to be carried out if your landlord has neglected to do so and it has damaged your health and/or your belongings.

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Claims for a Lack of Hot Water

Here at AWH, our disrepair solicitors have helped many clients whose social landlords have left them without hot water for a prolonged period of time. This can often lead to health issues, which is unacceptable and illegal on their landlord’s part.

Our housing disrepair claims team may be able to help you make a claim if your landlord has failed to resolve issues with hot water in your home.

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Claims for a Lack of Central Heating

Unfortunately, many social landlords break the law and leave their tenants without central heating or any other type of heating in their home. It is your landlord’s duty to repair broken heating systems and to provide an alternative, temporary solutions while repairs are carried out.

Our team of housing specialists may be able to help you if you have suffered due to a lack of central heating for an extended period of time and it has caused other disrepair and health issues to develop.

Broken Window and Door Claims

Our housing disrepair solicitors deal with many cases where our client’s social housing landlord has neglected to fix broken windows and doors causing safety issues and other disrepair issues arising. Broken doors and windows may seem like small problems but when left for a long time they can cause problems such as damp, mould, and even pest infestations.

Your landlord is generally responsible for repairing and replacing broken windows or doors. Our housing disrepair claim team can assess your situation and could help you claim for the repair work to be completed and for you to be compensated for your suffering.

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Housing Disrepair Claims: Action and Support

Handling Housing Disrepair as a Council or Social Housing Tenant

We understand that it can be intimidating to speak up against a social housing association, maybe because of their size and authority, or because you’re worried about losing money or being evicted. However, asking for safe living conditions is not unreasonable and is important for your health and general wellbeing.

Housing disrepair issues never simply go away. They often worsen over time, causing more harm as a result.

Some examples of health issues that can arise as a result of a poorly maintained home include:

  • Aggravated asthma
  • Pneumonia
  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Trips and falls on poorly maintained stairs and carpets
  • Electrocution

If you or members of your family have suffered from any of these health issues as a direct result of the poor conditions in your home, you may be entitled to compensation and we want to help you.

You deserve to be happy and healthy in the place that you live, and we can make that happen by helping you claim the compensation you need.

If you have suffered from illness or injury as a result of disrepair, our personal injury solicitors can help you with your personal injury claim even if the housing disrepair issues have been dealt with.

Our Housing Disrepair Solicitors Can Help

Our disrepair solicitors have handled many cases where tenants have been treated unfairly and misinformed of their rights by their social landlord. All our disrepair solicitors are authorised and regulated by the solicitors regulation authority.

Our housing disrepair solicitors do more than just help you make a housing health claim. They can guide and support you when you have suffered, and get you the justice you deserve. Our housing disrepair solicitors are regulated by the solicitors regulation authority SRA and your claim is on conditional fee agreements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Damp and mould issues, what can I do?

If you are in social housing and you are living with severe damp and mould then you will likely be able to make a claim against the housing association or council.

You would make a claim to compel your social landlord to make the necessary repairs to your home that are causing the damp and mould issues.

You can also claim compensation for any health issues the damp and mould caused, damage to personal belongings, and time you haven't been able to use certain areas in your house for.

If you are a social housing tenant living with damp and mould, then let our housing disrepair specialists help you.

Can housing disrepair cause health issues?

Yes. Living in a home that's in a state of disrepair can have a serious negative affect on your, and your family's health.

Understandably, living in such a poorly maintained home can cause a lot of stress. It can also cause long lasting illness. For example, housing disrepair can attract vermin and cause serious damp and mould issues, which can cause a number of illnesses.

Asthma and other respiratory illnesses are relatively common amongst those living with serious damp and mould in their home, especially in their bedrooms. It's important to know that it seems to most often affect younger children, and could affect their health for the rest of their lives.

If you are living with disrepair, severe damp and/or mould and you are worried about your health, then get in touch. Our housing disrepair solicitors can help you claim for the repairs to be carried out and for compensation too.

My social landlord ignores my complaints, what can I do?

We often see tenants who have repeatedly contacted their social landlords about the problems they are experiencing, whose complaints went ignored or simply not taken seriously.

If you are living with disrepair or severe damp and mould, if your health is being affected or if you are unable to use certain rooms as a result of the disrepair, then you have the right to get these issues resolved.

If your landlord is ignoring your complaints or requests to make repairs then we can help. Our housing disrepair solicitors can help you assess your right to make a claim for repairs and compensation, so get in touch today.

Can I withhold rent for housing disrepair?

Although living in a house where the landlord is not carrying out important repair works can be frustrating, it is risky to withhold rent. Tenants do not have the legal right to withhold rent, and they then run the risk that their landlord will issue possession proceedings to try and evict them. A landlord is entitled to bring possession proceedings against a tenant who is in rent arrears.

Is my claim for housing disrepair on a No Win No Fee basis?

All of our legal advice for housing disrepair is offered on a no-win-no-fee basis.

How much compensation for housing disrepair?

The amount of compensation that you could get for housing disrepair varies greatly, depending on a number of different factors. A chat with one of our specialists will allow you to understand what you may be entitled to.