Immigration Solicitors Manchester

Immigration Solicitors Manchester
We are not currently offering Immigration advice services. The following is for informational purposes only.

Immigration Solicitors Manchester

Our immigration solicitors are experts in UK immigration law and applications to the Home Office. We’ll be here beside you, guiding you through your immigration journey to get you the result you need.

Our experienced team of immigration solicitors in Manchester are here for you with expert advice and guidance when you are looking to:

Expert Immigration Advice and Guidance

With our highly experienced team of immigration solicitors, we are ready to advise you, we can assist with any aspect of immigration law.

Whether you’re applying for a visa, hoping to obtain British citizenship or appealing a decision made by the Home Office, our specialist immigration solicitors are here to help you.

We tackle complex UK immigration cases every day.

Every day we assist people coming to the UK to study, work, invest or settle down. From your first consultation to the moment you receive your visa, our expert solicitors are here to help you at every stage of your UK immigration application.

We do what we can to make applying for a visa a positive experience.

Services Offered By Our Immigration Solicitors

Join a Family Member in the UK

If you are joining a family member or partner for a longer period of time you might want to apply for one of the different visas in the family visa category.

We can help you apply for any type of family visa, such as; a spouse visa, child visa, visa for an unmarried partner or a visa for a dependent of a visa holder.

If you are thinking about joining family in the UK, then our immigration lawyers can help.

Our dedicated immigration solicitors are here to guide you through every stage, from choosing the right visa to processing your application smoothly.

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Work in the UK

If you want to work in the UK, our immigration solicitors can help you apply for a Skilled Worker Visa, an Intracompany Visa, or a Short-term work visa such as a temporary work visa or a graduate visa.

If you are a skilled worker looking to come to the UK for a longer period, you are probably looking at applying for a Skilled Worker Visa. This will allow you to enter the UK on a long-term basis to fill a skilled job vacancy, in IT, accountancy, teaching, or healthcare. After five years you may then also be allowed to apply for permanent settlement.

Our expert immigration solicitors are currently holding a 100 percent success rate for points-based visa applications. With AWH Solicitors, applying for a visa will be as straightforward as it can be.

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Study in the UK

Are you looking to study in the UK? With our help you can easily apply for your student visa, allowing you to attend short term and long term courses across the country.

Anyone from outside the UK and the EEA needs a student visa to be allowed to start their education, but visa applications can be complex.

Our immigration solicitors are here for you to make sure every part of the application process is straightforward. With us by your side you will be given the best chance of success, so you can move forward and start focussing on your studies.

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Settle in the UK

After you have lived in the UK for several years, you might be considering applying for a more permanent status; indefinite leave to remain.

Applying for indefinite leave to remain, more commonly known as settlement, can be a challenging process. However, with our solicitors by your side, you’ll likely find the process much more straightforward.

As soon as you’re ready, our immigration lawyers will guide you through every aspect of the indefinite leave to remain application process to give you and your family the best possible chance of success.

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Apply for British Citizenship

If you have you have been a legal UK resident for over five years, and are thinking of becoming a British citizen, our immigration solicitors are here to help.

Our solicitors have helped people from around the world settle in the UK as British citizens.

We know British immigration law can be overwhelming, which is why we provide the detailed expert guidance you need to complete the process of becoming a British citizen.

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Make an Appeal

Unfortunately, Home Office decisions don’t always go your way. Our solicitors can help you understand the reasons why you got rejected, and are here to help you submit your appeal if you felt that rejection was unjust.

You can appeal on a range of visas and for a range of reasons, which we can help you assess.

To learn more about your right to appeal, get in touch. Our solicitors can go through your case in detail and explain to you what options you have regarding an appeal or judicial review.

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Fast-track your Application with our Immigration Solicitors

It generally takes a long time to get your visa application ready, and once it’s sent in, the Home Office can take months before answering you to let you know if you were successful or not.

You may not have that kind of time, or you simply rather not wait. That is why we provide a fast-track service that will help you get answers sooner rather than later.

We can help fast-track your visa application in multiple ways, depending on the type of visa you are applying for and what your personal circumstances are.

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Apply for a Visa Extension

It is sometimes possible to extend your visa so that you can stay in the UK for longer. You might want to study, work, or extend your stay to achieve permanent residence.

It can be a complex process, but with our expertise, we can help give you the best chance at success with your visa extension.

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Services from Immigration Solicitors

Our Promise of Excellence

Everyone at AWH Solicitors is fully dedicated to getting the right result in each and every case we take on. Whether you are looking to join a family member, want to work in the UK or you need our help navigating the appeal processes, our specialist immigration lawyers are here for you.

Our immigration lawyers are approved by the Law Society in Immigration and Asylum Law and hold a Quality Mark Accreditation through Lexcel.

We have received amazing feedback from previous clients who we helped move to, remain and settle in the UK. As a result of this, we often get contacted by people who were referred to us by clients we have already been able to help.

We are very proud of these accreditations, our excellent reviews and our client stories, as they demonstrate the service excellence that we can offer to you too.

Not only do we offer UK immigration advice, but we can also help you with any family law matters. In many cases, immigration and family law go hand in hand, so our teams will work together to get you the result you deserve.

If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, simply get in touch and book your personal consultation.

Success Stories of our Immigration Solicitors

The know-how and expertise of our immigration team is clear from our excellent track record of success. We have successfully appealed many visas, overturned deportation orders, granted visas and helped clients become British citizens.

On points-based visa applications, we even hold a 100% success rate, and we are not planning on changing that any time soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AWH help me apply for my UK visa?

Yes, our immigration lawyers can help you with your UK visa application from start to finish. We can help you assess which visa is best for you, and what your chances of success are before completing and submitting your UK visa application.

Looking for an immigration lawyer? Then get in touch today.

Can AWH help me when I have already started my visa application?

Yes, our immigration team can help you regardless of where in the process of applying for your UK visa you are.

For those who wish to complete their visa application themselves but who aren't sure that everything is completed correctly, we offer a dedicated visa application checking service. Expert immigration solicitors will go through your immigration application in detail to ensure that everything has been filled in correctly and that all evidence required is provided.

Can AWH help me apply for UK settlement?

Yes, our immigration solicitors can help you apply for UK settlement so you can live, work and study in the UK indefinitely as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

UK settlement is most often referred to as 'Indefinite leave to remain'.

We can help you assess if you are able to apply for UK settlement and handle the full immigration application for you from start to finish. With AWH by your side, you can be assured your case is handled the right way.

Can AWH help me to become a British citizen?

Yes, our immigration solicitors can help you apply to become a British citizen. We can help with citizenship applications, naturalisation, registration for children and the application for your British passport once you have been successful in your application. We are here for you throughout the process of becoming a British citizen.

Can AWH fast-track my visa application?

Yes we can. We offer specialist fast-track and same-day visa application services for those in a hurry. We can help you fast-track most Home Office applications, including for family visas, work visas, student visas, UK settlement and British citizenship.

Can AWH help me appeal a refusal?

Yes, our immigration solicitors have a strong track record in successfully overturning previous refusals through the appeals process. We will first assess if you are able to appeal your visa refusal and assess your chances of success before we take you through the process, making sure you always know where you are and what you can expect.

With our specialist immigration solicitors by your side, you know your case is handled right.