Audit and Compliance Services

The Home Office code of practice on preventing illegal working applies to all employers in the UK.

The code of practise sets businesses a responsibility to prevent illegal working by ensuring that their employees have a right to work in their respective organisations.

The scheme further sets out the penalties for illegal working and additionally the restrictions on sponsoring non-EEA nationals to work in the UK.

Ensuring your Business is Compliant

To avoid hefty penalties for both yourself and your business you must be fully compliant with UK immigration and employment law.

Our immigration solicitors support businesses like yours by providing training programs, audits and compliance services. Find out more what we can do for you by getting in touch today.

  • In-house compliance training

    Non-compliance can lead to criminal penalties, fines and damage to your business' reputation. 

    We can provide training on best practice and carry out regular checks for your business. This way we can ensure that you are compliant with the UK's illegal working laws as well as your sponsorship duties, protecting your business as a result. We can also help mitigate problems should you discover one or more of your employees do not have permission to work in the UK.

    Our services are of particular use to companies on the Home Office's register of sponsors and those organisations wishing to become sponsors. However, all businesses can benefit as they are required to abide by the same regulations.

  • Permission to Work Check

    A failure to check a workers permission to work in the UK and a failure to collect and store the proper documentation providing proof of the right to work can lead to fines of up to £20,000 per worker and/or imprisonment.

Our Compliance Training

At AWH Solicitors we work to improve the recruitment processes of our clients who are looking to attract talent from overseas. We prepare your human resource processes and department and provide training to keep you fully informed of the Home Office guidelines.

Our immigration audit services are tailored to meet your needs and assist you in avoiding potential civil penalties. Our training and guidance will help you ensure that you are in full compliance with all immigration requirements.

We will ensure that all aspects of compliance are considered to suit your business needs, including:

  • Document checking systems:

Which documents are acceptable, the validity of these documents which are subject to immigration control, certifications,appropriate storage and diary management of key dates such as expiry dates and renewals.

  • Following the codes of practice in line with your business needs for the prevention of illegal working in practice and to avoid unlawful discrimination
  • Sponsorship requirements in line with the minimum skills set, salary expectations and advertising for those low level skilled jobs for opportunity to UK and settled workers
  • Students and Tier 4 workers who are restricted to working hours-checking systems of limitation on the hours of work
  • In respect of the business and employees with temporary leave the business has a duty to report to the Home Office events relating to the migrants employment and personal circumstances
  • Ongoing follow up checks in line with the UK Visa and Immigration specifications

Contents of our Training

We provide training to cover compliance issues in accordance to the immigration rules to suit your organisations’ requirements.  Our in-house training includes:

  • A clear overview of immigration legislation for employers
  • Documenting your right to work activities and records of employment
  • Monitoring of your non – EEA workers
  • Your general responsibilities as an employer recruiting foreign nationals
  • What to do if faced with a civil penalty notice

We want to ensure that our training prepares you for consideration prior to and post recruitment and to ensure that your operational practices are fully compliant with all regulations.

Failure to Check an Employees’ Right to Work

If you are found guilty of employing someone who did not have the right to work in the UK where you could have reasonably believed they did not have this right you could be jailed for up to five years and in addition pay an unlimited fine.

This would include cases where you had a reason to believe that your employee did not have permission to enter or remain in the UK, that your employee’s visa has expired, that your employee is restricted from doing the job you have employed them in with the immigration status that employee holds or where they showed you paperwork that could reasonably be believed was falsified.

As an employer you are responsible for carrying out right to work checks, as failing to do so will also be penalised. Failure to check the right to work can cost you a fine of up to £20,000 for each illegal worker in your business.

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Our Fees

Due to the large amount of services and the complexity of each case we cannot provide any standardised fees without knowing a little bit more about your situation.

However, if you get in touch with us we can discuss in detail what charges you can suspect and what fees we will charge.

Full transparency at all times

We aspire to be completely transparent on pricing from the beginning, so none of our clients will ever be surprised at the end of the process.

Furthermore, we believe advice and support from our team of solicitors should be affordable to those in need.

This is why we provide competitive prices across our range of services.

Immigration solicitor fees
30 minute initial consultation £60 + VAT
Additional 30 minutes where consultation runs over £60 + VAT
Initial consultation + advice letter £300 + VAT
Visa checking service(no drafting) £250 + VAT
Extension applications settlement From £1,000 + VAT

Entry clearance fees - out of country
Visit Visa £600 + VAT
Spouse Visa Sponsor Employed £700 + VAT
Spouse Visa Sponsor Self Employed £800 + VAT
Dependants (Parent/Relatives) From £800 + VAT

What is included:

  • Advice on procedures and law
  • Completion of the paper and on line application form
  • Advice on all documents required to submit with application
  • Consider the contents of all documents supplied to submit to the British Embassy and follow up
  • Advice on strengths and weaknesses of the case
  • Preparation of the covering letter
  • Attendances and follow up

In country applications (extensions)
Extension applications for:

  • Spouse visa
  • Tier 4 student
  • Application for discretionary leave/humanitarian protection
  • Applications for long residence
  • EEA Applications
  • Domestic violence applications
Services include:

  • Attendance and advice on procedure and legal procedure
  • Advice and completion of forms
  • Advice on documents required
  • Preparation of covering letter
  • Submission to Home Office
From £800 + VAT
Points based system - applications and extensions applications
  • Extension applications
  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 4
All cases are individually assessed and if additional dependants are placed on application they will be charged seperately.

From £900 + VAT

Other Immigration applications
Application for transfer of visa into biometrics card £400 + VAT
Travel document application £400 + VAT
Entry clearance forms (completion only) £70 + VAT
Home Office Forms (completion only) £200 + VAT
Asylum From £2,000 + VAT
Asylum - fresh claim £1,200 -£1,500 + VAT

British Citizenship
Application for British citizenship/children registration £500 + VAT

Corporate fees
Employers licence for businesses (online) From £1,000 + VAT
Tier 1 entry clearance (Entrepreneur) From £2,000 + VAT
Tier 1 extension application(Entrepreneur) From £2,000 + VAT
Business audit services Price available upon request

Lodge appeal only £400 + VAT
Lodge appeal and representation £1,200 - £1,500 + VAT
Asylum appeal £1,500 - £2,000 + VAT
Bail application and representation at hearing From £1,000 + VAT
Application for permission to appeal to upper tribunal From £900 + VAT
Review of decision and counsels opinion £350 + VAT

Please be aware that cost may differ depending on your personal circumstances.

The consultation fee is discounted at the end of the case if we are instructed.

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  • Approachable and friendly solicitors

    We are committed to delivering a truly personal service that puts you and your wishes first. Our team will always be on hand to support you, regardless of the time or location.

  • Award-winning service across our fields of expertise

    Our high standards of service are applied consistently across all of our departments. Regardless of your enquiry, you can expect to receive the best legal advice delivered in a sympathetic manner.

  • Advice tailored to your needs

    We take the time to listen to your needs and offer guidance that is best suited to your current situation.

    There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to any area of law; every case requires a tailored approach and you deserve a solicitor who understands this.

  • Outstanding customer service and care

    Our reputation is largely built on the exceptional level of client care we continue to deliver.

    Every case is handled with the utmost level of respect and many of our clients have recommended us after building an invaluable relationship with our solicitors.

  • Transparent on fees and processes

    Transparency is very important to us as we want you to feel confident in our services.

    We adhere to providing full transparency on fees, ensuring that you know exactly what you are paying for and keep you updated on the progress of your case along every step of the way.