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Immigration Help with Detention or Deportation

Our team understands that experiencing immigration detention or facing deportation from the UK is very distressing. That’s why we want to help you exercise your rights and get the end result you need, with minimal stress and our full support.

We are here to help you whilst you are in detention and facing deportation from the UK. We can offer you legal advice tailored to your situation, making sure that you and your family do not suffer and getting you the best outcome possible.

Immigration Detention

The UK government holds the power to detain any person who does not hold leave to remain, or whose leave has expired. There is no time limit on how long you can be held in immigration detention.

Our team knows that being detained is often very traumatic. It can have an impact on the person who is in detention, as well as their close family and friends.

This is why we will do our best to help you if you have been detained or are facing detention or deportation so that you have the best chance of being able to live your life in peace.

If You Are In Immigration Detention?

We believe that it is important that you are aware of your legal rights whilst you are being detained. Knowing and exercising your rights can empower you whilst you are still subject to detention, and also help you take a step closer to resuming your freedom.

When in detention, you have the right to access legal advice. We can advise you whilst you are in detention, if you are being threatened with detention and when you are facing deportation. We will fight in your corner to get you released so that you can get back on with your life.

We can provide you with expert legal knowledge and offer you and those close to you the support you need. We understand that undergoing immigration detention is an unpleasant experience, which is why we want to help you get released so you are able to move forward with your life.

Immigration Deportation

What is Deportation?

Deportation is the removal of someone from the UK who the Home Office believes has broken the immigration rules. The Home Office will tell you in writing if they want you to leave the UK. In their letter they will tell you how you are able to provide evidence that you should be allowed to remain in the UK.

You will usually only be deported if you have exhausted all avenues to try to prove that you should be allowed to stay in the UK. This includes any appeals and judicial reviews you are entitled to.

Being deported means that the Home Office are actively removing you against your will, meaning that you have declined to leave voluntarily.

If this is the case and your deportation goes through, you will face travel restrictions in the form of a re-entry ban into the UK. This means that you are not allowed back into the country for a period specified at the time of your deportation. This ban will likely be for either a 5 or 10 year period.

Read more about re-entry to UK after deportation here.

If You Are At Risk of Deportation

Deportation is the very final step, and can often take a long time to reach, especially if you do not accept the Home Office’s accusal that you do not belong in the UK.

If you have the right to appeal, our immigration team can help you to submit one. At AWH we understand that facing deportation can be very stressful and upsetting, especially if you have made friends and started to make a life for yourself in the UK.

That’s why we want to help save you from immigration detention and deportation. We can provide you with legal advice and assistance from the get-go, supporting you throughout your journey and doing our best to get you the result you need.

Expert Detention and Deportation Support and Advice

Helping You When You Need it Most

We know that simply facing the idea of being detained or deported is upsetting, let alone having to actually experience it. This is why we want to prevent you suffering any further, and help you get the result you need to live a happy, peaceful life in the UK.

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing detention or facing deportation we can help. Our immigration solicitors provide expert legal advice and support our clients throughout their journey with us, ensuring that their wellbeing and comfort is one of our top priorities.

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