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Fast-Track Your UK Visa Application

It generally takes a long time to get your visa application ready, and once it’s sent in, the Home Office can take months before answering you to let you know if you were successful or not. You may not have that kind of time, or you simply rather not wait. At AWH Solicitors we provide a fast-track service that will help you get answers sooner rather than later.

We can help fast-track your visa application in multiple ways, depending on the type of visa you are applying for and what your personal circumstances are.

We can offer our specialist fast-track service with most UK visa applications. We can help you fast-track applications that will allow you to:

Fast track your visa application UK with AWH Solicitors.

AWH Expert Visa Fast-Track Services

How We Can Help You Fast-Track Your Visa Application

We can get your visa application ready and checked within a week and request a fast-tracked review by the Home Office to get you the answers you need, fast.

While we understand that the speed at which your application is processed is extremely important, we will never let this be a cause for errors. We take great pride in our work and we are here to take care of you.

Although we can never guarantee your visa will be approved, our expert immigration solicitors will provide you with the very best chance at a successful visa application.

Applying for a Fast-Track Visa or Extension

There is no set time for UK visa processing, but the average waiting time for an appointment is usually up to four months. By using our premium fast-track service you will receive a priority appointment within the same week.

Once you’ve presented your immigration application in person with our solicitors by your side, you should receive a decision within 24 hours.

What’s Included in our Visa Fast-Track Services

Our fast-track specialists will:

  • Give you a thorough consultation
  • Help you prepare your application and carry out a documentation check
  • Book a same-day service appointment with the UK border agency
  • Present your application at the Public Enquiry Office

Same-Day Visa Service

Alongside our fast-track service, we offer a same-day UK visa premium service.

If you choose this package a specialist solicitor will go through a detailed consultation with you first, to make sure you’re fully aware of what to expect.

They will then help you prepare your application so it is ready to be presented to the UK border agency.

Visa Applications We May Not Be Able to Fast-Track

If you are applying for a spouse or unmarried partner visa, you must provide a fair amount of evidence to prove your relationship is genuine. The Home Office wants to be certain that you and your partner are, and have been, in a genuine relationship for the minimum qualifying period, so collecting evidence of such a relationship can take time. For that reason, we may not always be able to fast-track a visa application of this kind.

Our solicitors can advise you on the process and expected application time in more detail once they know a bit more about your personal situation. We offer 30-minute consultations with an immigration specialist for a one-off fee of £95, helping you understand everything you need to know about your application process.

Fast Track Your Visa Application with Expert Help

Our Experience and Success Rates

Our team of expert solicitors have years of experience dealing with complicated immigration law cases and fast-tracking visa applications in a range of categories. We understand how important it is for you to receive a service that is both quick and accurate.

We currently have a 100 per cent success rate for points-based visa applications, thanks to the exceptional service and support provided by our solicitors.

We are also accredited by the Law Society in immigration and asylum law. Giving you the confidence that all of our immigration solicitors have and maintain a high level of knowledge, skill, and practice.

How We Can Offer Our Visa Fast-Track Service

We are members of the UK Border Agency Public Enquiry Office which enables us to fast-track certain applications to the Home Office.

Doing this helps to save you time, money, and stress when making a new application or extending a current visa.

Our fast-track immigration solicitors will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure a quick response to your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What visas can you fast-track?

We can help you with our specialist fast-track service when you are applying for most visas.

We can help you fast-track your application if you are to:

What is the UK visa processing time for fast-track visas?

The UK visa procession time fast-track depends on the type of priority service you have chosen to purchase.

Standard UK visas processing times vary from 8 weeks to 6 months for applications made inside the UK. If you also purchase the priority service, you will normally receive a decision within 5 working days. If you purchase the super priority service, you would receive a decision within 1 working day.

Visa processing times can be made quicker by purchasing the additional fast-track services, however some applications may take slightly longer if your case is complex.

What is the UK visa processing time for priority service?

There are now two types of priority service when submitting a visa application within the UK. With the priority service you will receive a decision within 5 working days. With the super priority service, you will receive a decision within 1 working day.

At AWH we offer our expert same-day visa service, so you be assured you will have an answer to your application as quickly as possible.