UK Visa Extension
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UK Visa Extension Applications

With most visa categories you are able to apply for a UK visa extension so that you can stay in the country for longer. This means that you can spend more time with family and friends, work at a job you enjoy or study for an extended amount of time in the UK.

Our immigration team can help you establish if you are eligible to extend your visa, and can assist you in filling out your application and submitting it to the Home Office.

Visa extension applications can be complicated, which is why we’re here to help you. Let our team take the wheel, and get you where you need to go with the best chance of success.

Visa Extension UK – Extending your Spouse, Student, Work or Visitor Visa

UK Spouse Visa Extension

You can apply to extend your spouse visa no earlier than 28 days before your current visa expires. You will need to apply before your current visa expires. If you are granted a UK visa extension, you will be able to stay for a further 30 months.

This UK visa renewal will take you up to the minimum amount of time required to be able to apply for settlement on the basis of your relationship, which is currently 5 years.

You will have to pay the initial application fee again. You will likely also have to pay the immigration surcharge and the charge for biometric information to be submitted again.

If you apply for a spouse visa renewal from outside the UK, a decision will usually be made within twelve weeks of you submitting it. If you apply from inside the UK, a decision will usually be made within eight weeks, or one week if you opt to use a priority service.

Apply for your visa extension or first-time UK spouse visa or UK family visa with the help of our team.

UK Student Visa Extension

You may be eligible to apply for a student visa extension so you can continue studying on your course in the UK, or to begin a new one. In order to extend your current tier 4 visa, you must meet all requirements set out by the Home Office, be present in the UK and have a sponsor.

To apply for a UK visa extension as a student, your sponsor must be:

  • A UK or overseas higher education institution
  • An embedded college which offers pathway courses
  • An independent school

You have to apply for your tier 4 visa extension within six months of receiving a confirmation of acceptance for studies and before your current visa expires. To renew your UK visa you will also have to pay:

  • The £475 extension fee
  • £19.20 to have your biometrics taken
  • An immigration health surcharge, the amount of which depends on your situation

Like with most visa services, it is possible to pay for a priority or super priority service in order to get a decision quicker than the eight week standard time period.

Apply for visa extensions or first-time student visas with the help of our team.

UK Work Visa Extension

It may be possible for you to apply for an extension and lengthen your stay in the UK if you are currently here under a general worker visa. For a tier 2 visa extension, you should still meet all of the requirements set out by the Home Office for general worker visas. When you apply for a work visa renewal, the following must also be true:

  • You have the same job as you did when you were given previous permission to enter or remain in the UK
  • You are still working for the employer responsible for your certificate of sponsorship
  • You are still earning an ‘appropriate salary’ for your job. This is usually around £30,000, however may be lower for workers like school teachers and nurses

We can help you apply for your tier 2 visa extension for up to an additional five years, however your total stay must not be over six years. The fees you will have to pay to extend your general worker visa will depend on a range of variables, including:

  • What kind of job you have
  • How long your initial visa was granted for
  • Where you are applying from
  • Your nationality

Once you apply for your tier 2 visa extension, a decision will be made within eight weeks of your application being submitted if you apply using the regular service.

You cannot apply for a UK visa renewal if you want to change your job and your new job is with a different employer. You will need to make a new application.

The UK visa extension process is difficult to understand, which is why we are here to help with your application. Apply for your work visa extension or first-time UK skilled worker visa with the help of our team.

UK Visitor Visa Extension

It is possible to apply for an extension of your visitor visa, as long as the total time you spend in the UK stays below six months. You should apply to extend your stay before your first visa expires, or else you risk getting in trouble with the Home Office.

If you are receiving private medical treatment in the UK, you might be able to apply to extend your visitor visa for a further six months.

This will only be the case if you:

  • Have paid for all treatment you have already had in the UK
  • Are able to pay further costs of treatment
  • Still meet the general visit visa eligibility requirements

If you apply to extend your visitor visa on the basis of receiving medical treatment, you will have to get a medical practitioner or registered NHS consultant to provide:

  • A letter which states how long your treatment is likely to go on for
  • Proof of arrangements for medical consultations and/or treatment
  • If your treatment has already begun, then the details of progress

There are fees for every UK visa renewal application, so to renew your visit visa you will be required to pay £993. You will usually get a response within eight weeks of submitting your application. It is also possible to pay extra for a quicker, priority service to extend your visitor visa, and if this interests you our team can help.

We can help you put together your application to extend your visitor, and will be there to answer any questions you may have along the way. Apply for visit visa extensions or first-time visitor visas with the help of our team.

If Your Application for a UK visa Extension Was Denied

Requesting Reconsideration

We understand that if you have applied for an UK visa renewal and have been rejected, then you may feel disheartened, especially if you have begun to see the UK as your home. However, all hope is not lost, because in some instances you may be able to submit a reconsideration request.

You can do this if you think the Home Office has not followed UK immigration rules or policies correctly in their process of making a decision on your application.

Our solicitors can help you submit your request as long as you meet all the requirements and there seems to have been a genuine error made by the Home Office. We can draft a letter on your behalf which will outline why we think the decision was wrong and send it to the Home Office. We can only help you do this within 14 days of the date you received your letter of denial.

You should note that you are only eligible to submit one reconsideration request, so it is best to seek advice before doing so. Your visa renewal application may have been rejected because you no longer fit in the visa category, and would be best applying via another route. Our team will be able to establish if this is the case, and can help you submit a new application.

UK Visa Extension Fees

Visa extension fees differ depending on the type of visa you extend. At AWH our visa extension fees start at £1,000 + vat. You can learn more about our pricing on our pricing page.

Expert Help with Your Visa Extension

How We Can Help with your UK Visa Renewal

The extension process can be complicated and lengthy, but with our immigration solicitors by your side you can rest assured that we will make it as easy as possible for you. We can help you submit an extension application, or help if you have been rejected. We can establish what UK visa category suits you best, and will make sure that you are happy with your application before we send it to the Home Office.

Visa renewal in the UK doesn’t have to make you feel stressed and anxious. Our expert UK visa extension team based in Manchester and Blackburn will make sure that your process is as simple as it can be, getting you the result you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when your visa expires UK?

When your visa expires you will either need to leave the UK or make a valid application before the expiry of your current visa.

If you stay in the UK beyond the validity of your visa, you will be classed as an ‘overstayer’. Overstaying is a criminal offence and can have a harmful impact on future visa applications you may wish to make to enter or remain in the UK.

The Home Office will not notify or remind you of visa expiry, so it's your job to make sure you extend before your visa expires. If you are unsure of whether you can apply to remain in the UK or switch visa categories, our immigration lawyers will be happy to assist.

Can I renew my UK visa before it expires?

Whether you can renew your visa before it expires depends on your current visa type and your individual circumstances.

If you are eligible for further leave to remain, you should renew your UK visa before it expires to avoid becoming an overstayer. Under some visa types it is not possible to switch or extend your visa whilst in the UK, which is why it is important to seek advice.

When you can renew your visa will depend on what visa category you are currently in the UK using, however you should ensure that you leave enough time for the Home Office to process your extension application before your current visa expires.

Can I extend my UK visitor visa?

Yes, you can extend your UK visitor visa as long as the total amount of time you spend in the UK will still equate to six months or less. If, for example, you are initially granted a three month visit visa, you can apply to extend this by another three months.

If you are granted six months to begin with, you will not be able to extend your stay and instead must leave the UK and reapply for a new visitor visa. You must apply for any extensions before your current visa expires or you risk becoming an overstayer, which is a criminal offence.

Can I extend my student visa in the UK?

Yes, you may be able to extend your UK student visa if you meet the Home Office's requirements and provide them with proof. You could extend a study visa in order to continue to study on your current course or to begin a new one.

You must be present in the UK and have a sponsor to extend your student visa. Your sponsor has to be a UK or overseas higher education institution, an embedded college which offers pathway courses or an independent school. You also must apply for your extension within six months of being accepted for studies and before your current visa expires, and pay the necessary fees.