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Industrial Disease Claims Solicitors

If you are suffering from a work-related condition our industrial disease claims solicitors are here to help you claim the compensation you deserve.

At AWH you will receive our expert advice and a full assessment of your claim completely free of charge, without any obligation to proceed should you wish not to. It’s important to know that all our industrial disease claims are always handled on a no-win, no-fee basis, so you won’t need to worry about the financial implications of claiming for the compensation you are entitled to.

We will always handle your case with the utmost sensitivity and put your needs first.

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When you get in touch we will assess if you can make an industrial disease claim, and explain how much compensation you may be entitled to.

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Assess if You Have an Industrial Disease Claim

Each person’s situation is unique, which is why our industrial disease solicitors believe it’s always best to get tailored legal advice before you make the decision to start a compensation claim. To help you get started, we offer a free and fast no-obligation assessment of your claim over the phone.

Our industrial disease specialists will go through a range of questions to get a clear understanding of your situation before explaining which legal options are available to you.

Who Can Claim for Industrial Disease

If you have suffered from an illness or an injury that was caused or worsened while working you are generally entitled to industrial injury claim.

The time frame in which you can make a claim differs depending on the illness you suffer from. Where your illness or injury was immediately noticeable you likely only have 3 years from the incident or first symptoms occurring to make a claim. Where illness takes longer to develop, there may not be any time limits on making a claim. This is generally the case with for example hearing loss and asbestos related diseases.

It doesn’t matter which industry, type of industrial disease or what job you are in, if you have suffered as a result of an employers’ negligence, you may be owed compensation.

The following are examples of employers’ workplace negligence, which can occur in any type of workplace and which may lead to injury and/or illness in employees:

  • An employer failing to provide you with the correct safety equipment such as gloves, safety glasses and hearing protection
  • An employer failing to provide you with a safe work space, for example with adequate light and ventilation
  • An employer failing to provide you with plenty of breaks, for example while working with power tools or while doing repetitive work
  • An employer failing to take action after symptoms of injury or illness have been raised
  • An employer failing to put in place safety checks of equipment, for example on machinery that causes loud noise consistently, causing hearing damage

If your employer has failed to protect you, and your health and wellbeing suffered as a result, we can help you claim compensation.

What Industrial Injury Compensation You Can Claim For

How much compensation you may be able to claim for will depend on a large number of factors. The severity on your illness or injury, your physical and emotional suffering, how the condition will affect your day to day life, how it will affect your ability to continue working and what costs you likely need to cover will all be considered.

In general, compensation will help you cover the costs of treatment, medication, time off work, care, and any other financial losses your condition may have caused you. It’s important to know that when calculating the compensation you are owed, both the past and future impact of your condition is considered.

When you get in touch with our solicitors we will assess your options and what compensation you might be entitled to.

Find out if you are owed compensation for your industrial injury.

What Industrial Disease You Can Claim for

Our industrial disease solicitors can generally help you claim compensation for any health condition that was caused or worsened at work, where we can prove your employer is fully or in part responsible.

Some of the most common types of industrial diseases that lead to industrial disease claims include:

  • Hearing loss
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Asbestos related illness
  • Vibration related injuries
  • Back, neck and shoulder injuries
  • Asthma and dermatitis

Overview of Common Industrial Disease Claims

Hearing Loss Claims

Whether you suffer from tinnitus, noise-induced hearing loss or acoustic shock syndrome, the effects have the potential to be devastating.

We understand that hearing loss can have a negative impact on your life, making social interactions and your work life difficult. You may not be able to hear your loved ones properly, or you might even be in constant pain.

If your hearing loss was caused by exposure to excessive noise in your workplace then we can help you.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Claims

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a work-related condition that affects your wrist. It can develop from working with vibratory tools or as a result of heavy lifting and repetitive hand movements.

If your employer hasn’t taken appropriate care to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from developing, our industrial injury solicitors can help you claim compensation.

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Asbestos Claims

Anyone who has inhaled asbestos fibres could develop diseases such as asbestosis, pleural thickening and mesothelioma.

Generally, exposure to asbestos fibre occurred in the workplace, but you could also have been exposed to it second-hand. For example, if your partner worked with asbestos and carried the fibres home on their clothes. You may also have been exposed if you lived or worked close to a construction site.

If you are suffering as a result of inhaling asbestos fibres in the past, you are likely able to claim compensation. We can also help loved ones of those who have passed from asbestos-related disease with their claim.

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Vibration White Finger and Hand Arm Vibration Claims

Vibration white finger(VWF) and hand arm vibration syndrome(HAVS) can affect anyone who works with vibratory tools like pneumatic drills. It can be really painful and affect your day-to-day life.

VWF and HAVS most commonly causes a loss of strength and dexterity in your hands.

If symptoms are more severe, you may need to stop working or change jobs, causing you to suffer financially.

With the right protective equipment and plenty of breaks these conditions can generally be prevented. If your employer has failed to implement the correct safety procedures, allowing you to develop VWF or HAVS as a result, our industrial injury solicitors can help you claim compensation.

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Back Injury Claims

We often find that the three most common types of work-related back injuries stem from carrying out repetitive tasks, spending longer periods of time in unnatural positions or as a result of an isolated incident.

When your back injury was caused or made worse by work, you are entitled to compensation.

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Occupational Asthma Claims

Asthma is a breathing condition which people can be born with or develop later in life. It can also be caused and worsened by exposure to certain airborne substances at work.

If you’re exposed to airborne substances at work which caused or worsened your asthma you are likely able to claim compensation.

Symptoms of occupational asthma include shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing, constricted chest movement and asthma attacks.

Your employer should take adequate preventative measures to limit exposure and prevent this type of illness. If they haven’t, our industrial disease solicitors can help you.

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Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

Repetitive strain injuries are very common, but also very painful.

We understand that if you develop a repetitive strain injury due to your work you feel frustrated that your employer hasn’t done anything to prevent it.

We believe negligent employers should be held accountable for their actions, so we do our best to help those suffering from a repetitive strain injury caused by work.

Our team understand what you’re going through, and will help you receive compensation so you can look forward to your future.

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Occupational Dermatitis Claims

Dermatitis is a skin condition with which a person’s skin becomes inflamed and sore.

It often affects people’s hands the most, and can be caused by frequent exposure to chemicals and hazardous substances.

If your employer hasn’t taken the correct steps to prevent you from developing occupational dermatitis, our industrial injury solicitors can help you be compensated.

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Amputation Claims

Unfortunately, sometimes industrial accidents at work occur that are so severe that it is medically necessary to perform an amputation.

Obviously, this will have a devastating impact on a person’s life and flip their world upside down. It can affect your physical and psychological wellbeing and could mean you could no longer work.

Our industrial injury solicitors understand what a significant impact having to undergo an amputation can have on your life, which is why we want to help you get compensated.

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Industrial Disease Claims With AWH Solicitors

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an industrial disease?

An industrial disease is a condition or illness that is cause by exposure to dangerous substances or unsafe conditions in the workplace.

How can I claim for an industrial disease?

If you believe that you have been affected by the negligence of your employer and have consequently developed an industrial disease, then you can begin your claim by talking to one of our specialist solicitors.

Can you claim for industrial disease after death?

If one of your loved ones has died from an industrial disease, then you have three years from the date of their death in which to make a claim for compensation, provided that they died within three years of being diagnosed.