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Claim compensation for back injury at work

Claim for compensation for back injury at work. Our expert back claims solicitors can help you get compensation with your back injury at work claim.

Our latest settlements and trial wins for back injury claims

  • Settlement £25,000.00
  • Settlement £2,500.00
  • Settlement £8,000.00
  • Settlement £17,500.00
  • Settlement £6,000.00

If you have experienced a slip, trip or fall at work, or if your job includes any of the below actions which caused you back pain and problems as a result, we can help you claim compensation.

Does your job include:

  • Lifting and moving heavy items
  • Repetitive tasks causing strain to your back
  • Sitting for long periods of time in chairs or at a workstation causing bad posture
  • Taking on tasks that require you to be in awkward positions for longer periods of time, e.g. bending over or crouching

At AWH Solicitors we put our clients first, so if you’re in pain we want to help you get on the road to recovery without having to worry about money. We’ll be there to help you from start to finish, supporting you whenever you need it.

Back injury at work claim - compensation for back injury at work UK

Assessing if you can claim compensation for back injury at work

Thousands of people every year suffer from back injuries that have been caused by their place of work.

With back problems being a common issue for many people it can often be hard to identify how your injury has happened and if it was, in fact, work related.

We can help you assess if your back injury was caused in the workplace and if you are able to claim compensation for your injury. We will go through the problems you have experienced and the causes of your back injury, so we can give you a clear idea on what your back injury at work claim amount would look like.

We pride ourselves on being fully supportive of our clients, and always make an effort to build a relationship with them, as well as providing them with high quality legal advice.

With years of experience in industrial disease and personal injury, our specialist solicitors can help you claim the compensation that you deserve, so you can recover stress-free and move on with your life.

What might lead to a back injury at work claim

We often find that the three most common types of back injuries from work stem from:


When a task is repetitive, it can cause an area of the back to strain, such as the neck, shoulder or the lumbar spine (lower back). This can also lead to a repetitive strain injury.

These injuries tend to occur during repetitive manual handling in warehouses, factories and production lines.

How bad your back injury is will depend on how a lift or movement was performed, whether training was given and/or your strength and size.

No matter how your back injury was caused, you deserve to be compensated for your pain, suffering and financial losses. We can help that happen.


The type of back injuries which result from bad posture are typically caused when you’ve worked in an unnatural position for a long time.

This might happen if you work in an office where you have to sit at a desk all day. Your seat might not be supportive enough and your posture will suffer as a result.

If you tell your employer when your back starts to hurt or ache, they should offer you a back support or an alternative chair to better your posture.

You shouldn’t have to suffer because of your employer’s carelessness. If your seat or posture has affected your back, and you informed your employer of your injury without being given a suitable solution, we can help you pursue a back injury at work claim.

An isolated incident causing your back injury

One-off incidents can take place in any line of work and any type of workplace.

If your back injury has been caused by an individual task, for example by lifting a heavy weight without manual handling training, your employer can likely be held responsible.

If your employer has failed to protect you from workplace dangers, which has led to your back injury, our solicitors will be by your side.

We strive to get you the result you need to progress forward with your life without worrying about your finances. If your injury has forced you to take time off work, we’ll make sure that you get compensated for the wages you’ve missed out on.

Compensation for back injury at work UK

Get in touch to find out if you can claim compensation for back injury at work with AWH Solicitors.

Employers' health and safety responsibilities

Your employer is legally required to protect your health and safety in the workplace.

In jobs where heavy lifting, manual handling and/or prolonged periods of sitting are involved, your employer must take particular care to protect you and control any risks of injury.

Your employer should carry out regular risk assessments and put in place safety measures and procedures to reduce and remove potential dangers where they can.

We can help you to receive compensation you for any pain and suffering, financial setbacks and medical treatment.

Our team understands the ways in which a back injury can affect your whole life. You might not be able to carry out simple tasks such as lifting your children or driving without being in a lot of pain.

It’s unacceptable that you should suffer because of your employer’s carelessness. We want to help you hold them accountable so that you can focus on recovering and getting your life back on track.

Claim for back injury compensation with AWH Solicitors

Back injury at work - Claim compensation with AWH

Our solicitors have the ability to get you the compensation you deserve after suffering from a back injury.

We use our understanding of health and safety regulations to establish a strong case against your employer. If court proceedings are required, you can rely on us to stand by you from start to finish.

We keep the process straight-forward

We will always avoid court proceedings where possible as at AWH Solicitors, we aim to keep the back injury at work claims process simple and straightforward for our clients.

We treat each client as an individual and ensure that every case is handled sensitive and honest manner, tailored to the clients’ specific needs.


  • How to make a back injury at work claim?

    To make a back injury at work claim you must contact a specialised solicitor. They will assess your situation and determine whether you are likely to be successful in a claim.

    You can claim against past and current employers, and you cannot be fired for making a claim.

  • How much compensation for a back injury at work?

    How much compensation you are awarded if you pursue a back injury at work claim will depend on several factors, including how your injury came about, how it has and will continue to affect your day-to-day life, and to what level accountability can be attributed to your employer.

    Compensation can range from the low thousands to the multimillions, depending on your individual case.

  • How long does an employee have to report a back injury?

    There is no universal time period set for how long an employee has to report a back injury at work, however the general rule is the sooner the injury is reported, the better.

    If, for example, you begin to suffer from back pain at work, you should report this to your employer as soon as possible to give them a chance to make changes in your work environment to prevent you suffering further.

    Many workplaces will have their own policies on how long employees have to report an injury, so it's important to check your contact of employment.

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