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Claim Compensation for Back Injury at Work

Does your job include heavy lifting, carrying out repetitive tasks, sitting for long periods of time or working in awkward positions? If you are suffering from a back injury that was caused or worsened performing tasks like these at work, you are likely entitled to claim compensation for a back injury at work.

Our specialist solicitors are here to help you claim the compensation you are owed after you have suffered a back injury at work.

Our Latest Settlements and Trial Wins for Work-Related Back Injury Claims

  • Settlement £12,000.00
  • Settlement £25,000.00
  • Settlement £2,500.00
  • Settlement £8,000.00
  • Settlement £17,500.00

To keep things simple, all our back injury compensation claims are handled on a no win, no fee basis. This means that when you get in touch you will receive our expert legal advice completely free of charge, without any obligation to proceed with a claim. We will assess if you are entitled to compensation, and how much you may be entitled to before you decide if you wish to proceed.

If you injured your back at work within the last 3 years, we can help you. Get in touch to find out how much compensation you’re entitled to.

Assessing if You Can Start a Back Injury at Work Claim UK

You may not be certain what caused your back injury, but you won’t need to worry. We can assess if your back injury was caused in the workplace and if you are able to claim some amount compensation for your injury.

To help you get started, we offer a free and fast no obligation assessment of your claim.

With years of experience in industrial disease and personal injury, our specialist back injury solicitors can help you claim the compensation that you deserve, so you can recover stress-free and move forward with your life.

Types of Work-Related Back Injury

We often find that the three most common types of work-related back injury claims stem from:

  • Repetition
  • Posture
  • An isolated incident


Carrying out repetitive tasks can lead to repetitive strain injuries, back injuries and long term back pain.

When you often carry out repetitive tasks at work, it can cause areas of your back to strain; such as the neck, shoulder or the lumbar spine (lower back). When you aren’t provided with plenty of breaks and in some cases the right equipment, training and a properly set up work station, back and strain injuries can start to develop.

You can be at risk of developing a repetition-related back injury in any job in which you regularly carry out repetitive tasks.

If your back injury was caused or worsened as a result of your employer not providing you with the required training, breaks and equipment, you are likely entitled to compensation.

We have helped many clients in a large range of industries and jobs; from masseurs and chefs to production line workers. In an initial, free consultation and succesful claims, we will be able to assess if we can help you too.


Back injuries which result from bad posture are typically caused by working in an unnatural position for a longer period of time.

This type of back injury is common in a range of working environments, including in offices, warehouses and on production lines.

We can help you claim compensation for back in injury at work regardless of the industry you’re in, if you are suffering from such a back injury that was caused at work.

An Isolated Incident Causing your Back Injury

Back injury can develop slowly over a longer period of time, but it can also occur instantly as a result of an isolated task gone wrong.

One-off incidents can take place in any line of work and in any type of workplace.

If your back injury has been caused by an isolated task, for example when you were lifting heavy objects or items without manual handling training and/or without the right equipment, your employer can be held responsible.

Every employer should provide their employees with adequate training and equipment in order to prevent any work-related injuries. If they have failed in that duty and you got injured as a result then you are likely entitled to make a back injury claim and claim compensation.

Your Employers’ Responsibility & Back Injury Claims

Employers’ Health and safety responsibilities

In the UK, your employer is legally required to protect your health and safety in the workplace.

In jobs where heavy lifting, manual handling and/or prolonged periods of sitting are involved, your employer must take particular care to protect you and control any risk of injury.

Your employer should carry out regular risk assessments and put in place safety measures and procedures to reduce and remove potential dangers where they can.

If you got injured as a result of your employers’ failure to put in place such safety measures you are entitled to compensation.

We understand how a back injury can negatively affect both your personal and your work life, which is why we will always aim to get you the maximum compensation for your injury.

Claim for back injury compensation with AWH Solicitors

Starting your Back Injury at Work Claim

Our solicitors will help you get the compensation you deserve after suffering from a back injury at work.

We use our understanding of health and safety regulations to establish a strong case against your employer.

If court proceedings are required, you can rely on us to stand by you from start to finish. However, we will always avoid court proceedings where possible as we aim to keep the back injury at work claims process simple and straightforward for all our clients.

We treat each client as an individual and ensure that every case is handled sensitive and honest manner, tailored to the clients’ specific needs. We are regulated by solicitors regulation authority

If your back injury was caused in a car accident, or an accident in a public or privately owned place we may also be able to help you claim compensation.

Find out if you are entitled to back injury compensation and start your back injury claim today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a back injury at work claim?

To make a back injury at work claim you can contact our specialised solicitors. We will assess your situation and determine whether you are likely to be successful in your back injury at work claim.

You can claim against past and current employers, and you cannot be fired for making a claim.

How much compensation for a back injury at work?

How much compensation you are awarded if you pursue a back injury at work claim will depend on several factors, including how your injury came about, how it will affect your day-to-day life, and to what level accountability can be attributed to your employer.

How long does an employee have to report a back injury?

There is no universal time period set for how long an employee has to report a back injury at work, however the general rule is the sooner the injury is reported, the better.

If, for example, you begin to suffer from back pain at work, you should report this to your employer as soon as possible to give them a chance to make changes in your work environment to prevent you suffering further.

Many workplaces will have their own policies on how long employees have to report an injury, so it's important to check your contact of employment.