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Claim Compensation for your Back Injury at Work

Thousands of people every year suffer from back injuries that have been caused by their occupation.

With back problems being a common issue for many people it can often be hard to identify how the injury has happened and if it was in fact work related.

At AWH Solicitors we can help you assess if your back injury was caused in the workplace and if you are eligible to claim compensation for your injury.

With years of experience in industrial disease and personal injury, our specialist solicitors can help you claim the compensation that you deserve, so you can get on with life.

Causes of Back Injury

We often find that the three most common types of back injuries from work stem from either repetition, posture or an isolated accident.

Causes of Back Injury at Work

  1. Repetition

    These injuries tend to occur during repetitive manual handling in warehouses, factories and production lines.

    When a task is repetitive, it can cause an area of the back to strain, such as the neck, shoulder or the lumbar spine. This can also lead to a repetitive strain injury.

    The severity of the back injury may depend on how a lift or movement was performed, the training that was given and/or the individual’s strength and size.

  2. Posture

    The type of back injury resulted from bad posture are typically caused when an employee has to work in an unnatural position for an extended period of time.

    If your seat or posture has affected your back, and you informed your employer of your injury without being given a suitable solution, we can help you pursue a back injury claim.

  3. Isolated Accident

    These one-off incidents can take place in any line of work and any type of workplace.

    If your back injury has been caused by an individual task, for example by lifting a heavy weight without manual handling training, your employer can likely be held responsible.

    If your employer has failed to protect you from workplace dangers, which has led to your back injury, our solicitors will be by your side. We are dedicated to creating a strong back injury claim proving employer negligence to see you get the compensation you deserve.

Health and Safety Requirements for your Workplace

Your employer is legally required to protect your health and safety in the workplace.

In jobs where heavy lifting, prolonged sitting and manual handling are involved, employers must take particular care to protect employees and control any risk of injuries.

An employer should carry out regular risk assessments and implement safety measures and procedures to reduce and remove potential dangers where they can.

Learn More about Back Injury Compensation Claims

If you have a back injury or condition caused at work, get in contact with the experts at AWH Solicitors on 0844 414 0667 or fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

  • Can I claim compensation for a work-related back injury?

    If your employer has failed to live up to their legal duty to protect your health and safety, causing you to sustain a back injury, you can choose to pursue a claim against them.

    AWH Solicitors can help you to receive the pay-out that compensates you for any pain and suffering, financial setbacks and medical treatment, while making sure that you have the financial support you need for the future.

  • How much compensation am I entitled to? 

    Typical compensation amounts* for cumulative back injury claims can vary. Below we have listed typical pay-outs, however, as each case is different these are published as indications only.

    • Severe back problems including nerve root damage, effected mobility and severe pain – £27,700 – £115,000
    • Moderate Back Problems including – Worsening of previous back problems, crush fractures of the vertebrae and prolapsed discs requiring surgery – £8,900 – £27,700
    • Minor sprains, disc prolapses and soft tissue injuries – £1,000 – £8,900

    *These figures are representative of the maximum Judicial College guidelines (formerly the Judicial Studies Board guidelines).

    The above numbers are only meant as broad indicator of the amount you could receive. Additional circumstances and the severity of the injury will be taken into account allowing us to give you a more realistic claim amount.

    When our solicitors calculate your compensation, they will take the time to listen to you and learn about how your back injury has impacted on your life.

    The team will then work hard to achieve a pay-out tailored to your needs, taking the following into consideration:

    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of earnings and other financial losses
    • Medical treatment and support
    • Future medical requirements

    We will make sure you are awarded the highest possible level of back injury compensation.

  • Am I suffering from a work-related back injury?

    Have you worked in a job that involved frequent heavy lifting, poor posture or manual handling and do you now suffer from pain, discomfort or strain in your back?

    You may have a work-related back injury.

    A work-related back injury can take months or even years to develop and is often caused by unsafe working conditions and poor health and safety protocols.

    • Have you performed repetitive or strenuous tasks in a difficult posture or with great force?
    • Has your back pain developed or worsened over a period of time?

    If the answer to either question is 'Yes' you may be able to claim compensation for your work-related back injury.

    Manual workers are most susceptible to developing work-related back injuries, however, office workers can also get the condition if they are required to sit in a difficult posture for extended periods of time.

  • Am I at fault for my back injury?

    If your employer has provided you with adequate policies and procedures, which you have failed to follow, you may be responsible for your back injury.

    However, if you are uncertain about where the blame lies, we recommend that you contact us so we can assess your specific situation.

    Our knowledgeable solicitors have an up-to-date understanding of health and safety legislation. They will be able to help you determine exactly who is at fault.

  • How long will a back injury claim take?

    At AWH Solicitors, we aim to secure the maximum compensation within a reasonable timeframe for all our claimants.

    Our team will provide you with regular reports and information on any progress throughout the case, making sure that you are kept completely up-to-date.

Claim for Compensation with AWH Solicitors

You can trust that AWH Solicitors will only ever take on your back injury at work claim if we believe that our solicitors can get you the back injury compensation you deserve.

When building and managing your claim, we will use our understanding of health and safety regulations to establish a strong case against the responsible party.

Our services include:

  • Gathering evidence
  • Speaking to witnesses
  • Consulting with medical specialists
  • Negotiating with responsible parties

If court proceedings are required, you can rely on AWH Solicitors to look after the process from start to finish. We will always aim to avoid court proceedings where possible as at AWH Solicitors, we aim to keep the claims process simple and straightforward.

We pride ourselves on treating each client as an individual and ensure that every case is handled in the same sensitive and honest manner, tailored to the clients’ specific needs.

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