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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Claims

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Carpal Tunnel and Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

Workers most likely to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome are those who operate vibrating tools or who perform heavy lifting and repetitive hand movements.

Because the condition can be linked to vibratory tools such as jackhammers, there is also a link with another condition known as hand arm vibration syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Frequently Asked Questions

An employer is responsible for reducing your risk of developing the work-related condition and should they fail to take appropriate action, sufferers are often entitled to bring carpal tunnel claims against the liable organisation.

  • What is carpal tunnel syndrome? 

    Carpal tunnel syndrome has an impact on your wrists and hands, causing weakness, numbness and tingling which can be incredibly painful and debilitating.

    The pain and restriction of movement is caused by compression on the median nerve that travels through the wrist.

  • What are causes of carpal tunnel syndrome?

    CTS can be caused by constitutional factors such as diabetes, poor health, pregnancy, obesity, family history or hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, in these circumstances you cannot claim compensation.

    Inflammation due to any of the above factors causes blood vessels in the surrounding area to expand putting pressure on the median nerve.

    Occupational exposure

    There are two types of occupational exposure that may cause CTS; repetition and vibration.

    In order to make a claim for compensation due to your carpal tunnel it is important to think about what specific tasks in your job may have caused or worsened your condition, as we will need to prove that your CTS was caused at work.

    We tend to find that our clients with carpal tunnel caused in their job, perform work that requires significant repetitive wrist and hand movements.

    Target driven working environments such as production lines and manufacturing are known to cause repetitive strain injuries and more specifically, carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • What is repetitive carpal tunnel syndrome?

    Repetitive CTS is caused by repeated palmer flexion and dorsiflexion of the wrist over a prolonged period of time.

    This causes inflammation and pressure on the median nerve which in turn causes the symptoms described above.

    Claims for carpal tunnel syndrome due to repetitive exposure at work come from a variety of industries including:

    • Production line work
    • Secretaries and typists
    • Construction work
    • Machinists

    This list is non-exhaustive and any occupation that involves repetition, especially of the wrist, can cause carpal tunnel.

  • What is vibratory carpal tunnel syndrome?

    Vibratory CTS is caused by prolonged use of vibrating tools and machinery such as jackhammers, impact wrenches and drills.

    However, we do need to note that the link between vibration and the development of CTS is disputed in some quarters due to inconsistent research in the area.

    Nonetheless, the condition remains an IIDB prescribed disease.

    Workers at risk are usually employed in the following industries:

    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Engineering
    • Shipbuilding
  • How is carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosed?

    Traditionally the test to diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome, whether it be caused by repetition or vibration, has been by way of the Phalen’s or Tinel’s test.

    Both tests seek to provoke a response of tingling by stimulating the relevant area.

    However, a nerve conduction study is considered to be most accurate way to diagnose CTS.

  • How is carpal tunnel syndrome treated?

    If you are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome you may be offered a variety of treatments. Such treatments can include physiotherapy and injections to alleviate the symptoms.

    A CTS release operation treats the cause of the disease rather than alleviate the symptoms, however, such treatment is often only offered as a last resort after all other treatments have failed.

    You will need to attend your GP for a formal diagnosis and treatment plan.

    If you believe that your occupation has caused your symptoms either by exposure to repetition or vibration then contact AWH Solicitors without delay as stringent time limits apply.

Claiming Compensation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you believe that your carpal tunnel syndrome has been caused or worsened because of your employment, it is vital that you seek specialist medical and legal advice as soon as possible.

Your GP will be able to diagnose your symptoms and offer access to relevant medical treatment, helping you to make a speedy recovery.

Our solicitors will help you assess your ability to claim for compensation for your pain and suffering to help you move on with your life.

The Benefits of Early Diagnosis

An early diagnosis will likely strengthen your claim as it can help prove that your injury has been caused by work.

There are strict time limits in place for making carpal tunnel claims, so get in contact with our solicitors without delay.

We will assess your specific circumstances and advise you of your options.

How we Work

In an initial consultation, we will gain a full understanding of your situation so that we can handle your claim in a manner suited to your requirements.

We may need you to undertake a medical assessment to ensure that you are fully compensated for any pain or suffering, lost earnings or additional costs endured.

We strive to create a strong carpal tunnel claim against the negligent employer, allowing you to achieve the maximum compensation in the minimum possible amount of time.

For further information on making carpal tunnel syndrome claims with the help of AWH Solicitors, contact us to speak with one of our specialist solicitors today.

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