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Our latest settlements and trial wins for vibration white finger claims

  • Settlement: £6,000.00
  • Settlement: £42,925.00
  • Settlement: £17,000.00

Do you regularly work with high power tools that have caused you numbness, pain or stiffness in your hands and arms? Then our solicitors can help you to claim compensation.

Vibration white finger claims solicitors - Claim for vibration white finger compensation

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Tools and machinery most likely to cause VWF

Tools and machinery that are most likely to cause VWF include:

  • Jackhammers
  • Concrete breakers and concrete pokers
  • Chainsaws and jigsaws
  • Powered sanders such as DA sanders and angle grinders
  • Powered lawn mowers, strimmers or hedge trimmers
  • Polishers
  • Hammer drills and pneumatic drills
  • Brush cutters

We know how the condition can affect your life, which is why we want to help you claim for vibration white finger compensation.

Can I claim for vibration white finger compensation?

Have you used vibratory machinery at work, even if it was months or years ago? Do your hands tingle or become numb, or do your fingers become white and painful?

Your employer has a duty of care, and should have taken measures to prevent you from developing this debilitating condition, which means that if you are suffering from these issues you might be able to make a vibration white finger claim.

Even if your fingers don’t turn white, you may feel aching, numbness or tingling which may affect your grip. Numbness in fingers is one of the most common signs that you may be suffering from VWF. This for many will have an affect on your day-to-day life.

You might not be able to carry out simple tasks like carrying the shopping, holding a hot drink or a cold bottle of beer in summer.

Our previous clients have often said that they notice their vibration white finger symptoms most following temperature changes, in winter, and after they have been using their tools for a longer period of time.

Vibration white finger Solicitors

Our industrial disease solicitors have had extensive experience running personal injury cases such as these, and they can help you too. We will work with you to construct a strong compensation claim against your employer for failing in their duty of care, resulting in your condition developing.

You shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s negligence. Let our vibration white finger solicitors help you file a vibration white finger compensation claim and get the compensation you need to move forward with your life.


Who can make a vibration white finger claim?

Vibration white finger syndrome(VWF) – also known as white finger syndrome – is an industrial disease/ industrial injury caused by the continuous use of power tools such as sanders, jackhammers, concrete breakers, drills and grinders. 

Using such tools can stop blood flow to the tips of your fingers causing the whiteness to show, especially in cold conditions.

If you work in an industry like mining or engineering, you’re at a high risk of developing the condition. 

The condition can be painful and even stop you from working, on a temporary basis or permanently.

If you’re suffering from the condition and are in pain and/or have had to stop working, we can help you claim compensation.

Vibration white finger compensation can cover your lost income, and give you the boost you need to get your life going in the right direction again.

Get in touch with our VWF claims solicitors today to find out what compensation you are entitled to.

Causes of VWF

The excessive use of vibratory tools can cause damage to the nerves, blood vessels and joints of your arms, wrist and hands.

If you have VWF, you might often use tools and machinery at work such as:

  • Pneumatic drills
  • Chain saws
  • Sanders
  • Angle grinders
  • Polishers

Using this type of equipment can restrict your blood flow, causing fingers and hands to suffer from white finger syndrome.

Pain and discomfort are also present during flare-ups, which usually last from between two to 30 minutes depending on the extent of the damage to the hands.

Your employer is responsible for providing proper protection and giving you breaks when using vibratory equipment.

Most commonly you’ll be given protective gloves. Monitoring the amount of time the employee is spending using the equipment can also prevent damage.

An employer has a duty of care towards their employees and should protect their health and safety while at work. If your employer has failed to put the necessary measures in place to prevent you from suffering this injury they can be held responsible for your condition.

Our industrial disease team has helped many sufferers claim compensation for their illness. Our vibration white finger claims experts can help you to get back on your feet, especially if you’ve lost out on wages from taking time off work.

What is vibration white finger syndrome

The severity of these symptoms can vary depending on the extent of the damage caused. Below are some of the most common warning signs:

  • Loss of strength and dexterity
  • Blanching or whiteness from the top of the fingers spreading to both sides of the hand
  • Tingling, numbness and pain in the hands and fingers
  • Throbbing and swelling of the fingers

VWF often worsens in cold weather due to blood flow being restricted.

If you’re a sufferer you might struggle to pick up small objects, and in extreme cases you may even struggle to continue to work. If this is you then we can help you get started with your VWF claim. 

Closely related to vibration white finger syndrome is hand arm vibration syndrome(HAVS). The warning signs can be very similar and both conditions are caused as a result of the same circumstances. If you are suffering from this condition, we can help you make a HAVS compensation claim too.

To start your VWF or HAVS compensation claim, get in touch.

Reporting vibration white finger syndrome to your employer

If you have started to get symptoms make sure to report this to your employer.

They should review the amount of time you are operating the tools and assess if there are any protective measures they can put in place to avoid your condition worsening.

If your employer fails to do so, and fails in their duty of care, our industrial disease team can help you file a claim against them and receive compensation for your suffering and financial losses.

We understand how difficult and painful living with VWF can be, and that you want to move forward with your life.

Our VWF claims solicitors can help you do just that.

Legal advice for making a vibration white finger claim

Our vibration whiter finger solicitors

Make a claim for vibration white finger syndrome with our vibration white finger solicitors on your side and we’ll do our best to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our industrial disease solicitors Manchester have years of experience running industrial injury claims, so will handle your case with a great deal of skill and expertise.

Not only that, but we’ll be there the whole way to guide and support you, answering any questions you may have.

Our expert injury claims specialists work hard to identify who is responsible for your condition, even if the company at fault is no longer trading.

In those cases we can still locate their insurance provider and get the vibration white finger compensation from them for you.

Our vibration white finger claims solicitors are dedicated to our clients first and foremost, and will fight your corner to the best of our ability to make sure you get the outcome you deserve.


  • What is vibration white finger?

    Vibration white finger(VWF) is a condition caused by the continuous use of vibratory tools such as jackhammers, grinders, sanders, concrete breakers and drills.

    Using such vibratory tools can limit/stop blood flow to your fingers, causing fingers to go white, especially in cold conditions.

    VWF can be very painful and stop you from working, either on a temporary basis or permanently.

    If you are suffering from VWF you might be able to claim compensation. Compensation can cover your lost income, and give you the boost you need to get your life going in the right direction again.

  • What causes vibration white finger syndrome?

    VWF syndrome is caused by excessive use of vibratory tools, which over time can cause damage to nerves, blood vessels and joints, specifically in your hands.

    There are many tools that can cause VWF, and you could be more exposed to causes in certain jobs and industries, but in general, frequent use of any vibratory power tools can cause the condition to develop over time.

    Risks of developing vibration white finger can be minimised by your employer, who is responsible for providing you with proper protection and breaks when using vibratory tools that can cause VWF.

    You should generally be provided with protective gloves and the time you are spending using this type of equipment should be carefully monitored and managed.

  • Can vibration cause nerve damage?

    The simple answer is yes. Frequent use of vibratory power tools can cause damage to the nerves, blood vessels and joints in the hands, arms and wrists.

  • Can I make a vibration white finger compensation claim?

    Every VWF claim is different, so it's always best to get an assessment of your specific circumstances from an industrial disease solicitor.

    In general, you can likely claim for VWF syndrome if your condition was caused at your place as a result of your employer not providing you with the right protection and breaks, and when the condition were caused within the last 3 years.

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