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Claiming Compensation for Accidents in Public Places

A public place is either an indoor or outdoor area to which the public has access to and can both be publicly or privately owned.

Cycling about town, driving to and from work, taking a stroll around the local park or dashing for a train; most days we will be visiting or travelling through a public place.

Public Safety

In any public place you should be able to feel safe at all times and you should only need to concern yourself with the obvious hazards.

If for example you are crossing a road you are expected to look left and right and ensure it is safe to cross. You shouldn’t need to anticipate an imminent threat due to a pothole in your path, a large crack in the road or black ice on a public pavement.

If you are injured as a result of poorly maintained elements in a public place you are likely able to claim compensation to help you recover from your injury.

  • Liability in public place accidents

    Public places and areas such as those mentioned above are generally maintained by the local authorities or city council, and in those cases the maintenance of these public places is the responsibility of the authorities.

    The accidents' aftermath

    An accident in a public place may result in some painful bruising and a ruined day, but it could be much worse. More serious injuries could have life-altering consequences and could take weeks or even months to heal, leaving the injured party unable to work and go about their life as normal.

    If you have had an accident in a public place due to the negligence of the authority owning the property or land, you may be entitled to compensation.

    Our approach to personal injury claims

    As an experienced team of dedicated personal injury solicitors, AWH Solicitors has the drive and sensitivity to see you through your legal proceedings.

    Whilst compensation cannot turn back the clocks, we hope that it can help you to continue with your life as normally as possible.

    We often work with clients who have been injured in a public place, making us experts in helping you claim compensation for your injuries.

  • Types of accidents

    The type of accidents in public places are varied and numerous. Our team of personal injury solicitors have helped many clients whose injuries have been sustained in wide-ranging accidents.

    In each case they have been victims of the irresponsibility of local authorities and have suffered from injuries following accidents such as:

    • Tripping over potholes or uneven paving slabs
    • Slipping on wet floors where hazard signs had not been provided
    • Slipping or skidding as a driver or pedestrian on icy roads or pavements when adequate grit or signs are not present
    • Falls or collisions due to poor or faulty lighting
    • Falling over wire which should have been correctly covered or cleared
    • Falling from an unstable or poorly maintained platform or playground equipment

    If you are unsure whether your accident and injuries are suitable for an accident in a public place claim, please get in touch with one of our personal injury experts who will be able to advise you.

  • What will compensation cover?

    When you suffer from an injury that wasn't your fault, you can feel helpless in what is often a traumatic, extensive recovery and rehabilitation period.

    Compensation which is awarded as a result of making an accident in a public place claim aims to not only reimburse any associated costs, but offer some remuneration for the traumatic and preventable accident as well.

    The amount of compensation will be with consideration of:

    • The extent of your physical or psychological damage
    • The cost of care and support services since the accident
    • Your loss of earnings from time off work
    • Any future loss of income
    • Costs for any home or car adaptations
    • Changes to working ability – can you continue with your job as normal?

How Can AWH Solicitors Help?

When the local authorities have neglected their duty of care we make your case our priority.

Listening to the circumstances and repercussions of your accident, your dedicated personal injuries legal team will talk you through the legal proceedings and options you have.

We learn to understand what your needs are and take as much of the work away from you as possible, so that you can focus on your recovery.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence, outstanding customer service and empathetic approach will allow you to trust that whilst you continue to build your life back up with as much normality as possible, we will be doing everything we can to ensure that you are awarded the compensation that you deserve.

To discuss your case and to make your accident in a public place claim, please get in touch with our expert solicitors today.

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If we are able to offer you a Conditional Fee Agreement for your claim, you will not have to pay our legal costs, however, if you lose your claim you may have to pay your opponent’s legal costs.

Legal expenses insurance, which is often provided with some motor insurance policies, can be used to pay your opponent’s legal fees. To protect you, we take out a legal expenses insurance policy for you when taking on your no win, no fee claim, if you do not already have a policy.

Disbursements for legal costs

If you win, your opponent will pay the majority of your legal costs and disbursements.

Any legal costs which are not paid by your opponent may be deducted from your compensation. However, you will not pay anything if your claim is unsuccessful and not until it has come to the end.


Please be aware that cost may differ depending on your personal circumstances.

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