Failure to Refer
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Claims for Failure to Refer

If you have fallen ill because a medical professional has failed to refer you to a specialist or consultant, we can help you claim compensation for your suffering. We understand how much the failure to refer you for further examination or testing can affect your life if it makes you more ill, which is why we want to help you.

You can rest assured that throughout your claim we’ll be beside you the whole way, helping you get the result you need so that you can get on the road to recovery. Our clients are always our number one priority, so you can feel confident that you come first when you come to us.

Support Throughout your Claim

We know how devastating it is to become more ill as a result of a medical professional’s failure. However, we’re here to help you get on your way to getting better.

Our medical negligence team are experts in their field, and at AWH we always put our clients first. We understand what you’re going through so will be there to support and guide you when you need it most.

Our priority is your health and wellbeing, so we’ll be by your side fighting to get you the compensation you need to recover comfortably, without financial worries weighing you down.

What is Failure to Refer?

We all trust our doctors and nurses to act in our best interests when we’re ill, and for the most part, they do. However, unfortunately sometimes symptoms get overlooked and patients are not referred to a specialist when they need to be.

In some cases failing to refer a patient can lead to very damaging health complications. For example, you might have gone to your GP with chest pains only for them to tell you they’ll pass with time, then a week later suffer from a heart attack. In this case, your GP should have referred you to a cardiologist or sent you to A&E.

Whatever your illness, if it could have been prevented by referral to a specialist doctor then we can help you get compensated. We understand that time is precious, and allowing an illness to develop could affect you for life.

How Compensation Can Help You

You may have to take time off work unexpectedly which will mean you have lost out on money. It isn’t right that you should have to worry about your finances because of a medical professional’s mistake, which is why we want to help you get the compensation you need to look forward to your future.

We want to help you get compensated for your financial suffering so that you can focus on healing rather than worrying about money. If a medical practitioner has failed to refer you and this has caused you further suffering as a result, we can help you claim compensation to get your life back on track.

We Are Here to Help You

Our team is dedicated to every client and strives to make the claims process as simple as possible. We promise that with us, you’ll be in safe hands.

Failure to refer patients for specialist treatment or examination can have devastating effects. We believe that if you’ve suffered because your doctor didn’t refer you when they should have then you deserve answers and compensation, and we can help you get this.

We know that following a serious diagnosis your life changes, for example:

  • You may suffer psychologically from receiving life-changing news, feeling angry, depressed, anxious and helpless
  • You or a family member might have to take time off work for appointments or have to stop working altogether which can be financially straining

We understand that you want to focus on recovery, so that’s what we want to help you do. We want you to be able to look forward to a bright future without having to worry about money to pay for treatment, travel or time off work.

Of course, we understand that nothing is going to turn back time, but with our help, you can get your life back on track.

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