Maternity Medical Negligence Claims

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Maternity Medical Negligence Claims
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Are You a Victim of Maternity Medical Negligence?

At AWH Solicitors, our medical negligence solicitors are experts in maternity claims, providing compassionate legal support and guidance to victims of maternity medical negligence.

Unfortunately, individuals going through maternity can experience unforeseen complications, whether due to medical errors or other circumstances. We recognise the emotional and physical toll that maternity medical negligence can have on parents and newborns. Whether its injuries sustained during childbirth, complications during pregnancy, or errors in neonatal care, our team of medical negligence solicitors are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the justice and rightful compensation you deserve.

We are here to offer expert legal advice, ensuring that you receive the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve.

How to Start a Maternity Medical Negligence Claim

During a consultation, our team will go through the prospects of your claim with you first. If we believe it to be in your best interest to pursue a maternity medical negligence claim, then we will advise you so, however, you are under no obligation to proceed if you do not wish to. If you do wish to proceed, our medical negligence solicitors will handle your claim on a no-win, no fee basis, so you do not have to worry about any legal costs.

Types of Maternity Medical Negligence Claims

Within the realm of maternity, various preventable injuries can impact both you and your baby. Our goal is to assist you in beginning the healing process by providing the support and guidance you need.

Our medical negligence solicitors have experience helping people with cases that have involved the following:

Antenatal monitoring issues

  • Failure to inform parents of potential genetic or congenital issues.
  • Consequences of not providing accurate prenatal testing information.

Birth Injuries

Failure to diagnose and manage complications during pregnancy.

  • Failure to perform a timely caesarean section when necessary.
  • Consequences of delayed intervention during difficult a delivery.
  • Inadequate monitoring of high-risk pregnancies.
  • Failure to identify and disclose potential birth defects.
  • Inadequate counselling regarding available medical options.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Errors

  • Negligence in the care of premature or critically ill newborns.
  • Failure to provide appropriate medical interventions in the NICU.

Obstetric Negligence

We understand that unexpected time off from work, coupled with the ongoing impact on your health, can create additional burdens, especially concerning financial matters. Our maternity medical negligence team is here to secure the compensation you deserve, addressing not only the loss of earnings but also the emotional trauma you’ve experienced. We aim to provide you with the peace of mind to look forward to the future without the weight of financial concerns on your shoulders.

Advocating for Patients of Maternity Medical Negligence

At AWH Solicitors our commitment extends beyond individual cases, as our solicitors actively engage with the community to advocate for positive changes aimed at enhancing patient safety. We take pride in our involvement in various initiatives and campaigns that seek to address issues within the healthcare system. Our dedication goes beyond legal representation; our team uses their expertise to contribute to meaningful discussions, raising awareness for crucial topics. Through articles, case studies, and community outreach, we campaign for change, working towards a safer and more accountable healthcare environment for all.

Start Your Maternity Medical Negligence Compensation Claim with AWH

Medical Negligence Claim Time Limit

You have a three year time limit to commence a no win, no fee maternity medical negligence claim, starting from either the date of the incident or the date when the negligence was discovered.

AWH will be able to start your claim promptly, gathering evidence, speaking to specialists, and putting together medical records to present a strong case on your behalf.

Our solicitors can help you to get awarded compensation within the medical negligence claim time limit. We will always do our best to obtain you compensation for any past suffering, providing you with financial support for the future. If you have any family members who are incapacitated or dead, you can also claim on their behalf.

Our solicitors are dedicated to securing compensation within the designated time frame for medical negligence claims. Our team are committed to securing the compensation you deserve for any past suffering, offering financial support for the future. In cases where family members may be incapacitated or deceased, you also have the option to make claims on their behalf.

No Win, No Fee Maternity Medical Negligence Solicitors

Our solicitors handle every case on a no win no fee agreement, with compassion and sensitivity, working hard to get to know everything about what happened to you to present the best case possible on your behalf.

Before we get started with your claim we will provide you with a free assessment of your case, so you know exactly what making a claim will entail for you. Your well-being and recovery are our number one priority, and we want to help in the best way possible.