Uterine Rupture claim
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Uterine rupture claims are an important step to recovery when you have gone through this traumatic experience. If you have suffered a uterine rupture, then you may have been the victim of medical negligence. Our specialists can offer you all the support and legal advice that you need.

What is a Uterine Rupture?

A uterine rupture is a generally rare childbirth complication that can occur during vaginal birth. It causes a mother’s uterus to tear and her baby to slip through the uterus and into the abdomen. This then causes severe vaginal bleeding in the mother and can suffocate the baby, ultimately leading to brain damage from a lack of oxygen. It most often occurs in women who have a uterine scar from a previous caesarean delivery or other uterine surgeries. A woman’s risk of suffering from a uterine rupture increases with every caesarean section, and therefore birth is considered more life-threatening to both her and her unborn baby. This is why doctors often recommend that women who have had a caesarean delivery or emergency caesarean section avoid vaginal delivery in later pregnancies. Vaginal birth after a previous caesarean delivery is possible, but the woman will be considered high risk and therefore be closely monitored as being at risk of uterine rupture. The situation can be particularly serious and is life-threatening to both mother and baby.

What are the Causes of Uterine Rupture?

During the process of labour, pressure builds in the birth canal as the baby moves through it. This is what then causes tears in the uterus and the uterine wall and can later lead to birth injuries. The tear most often occurs along the site of previous uterine scars. When a uterine rupture occurs, the uterus’s contents – including the baby – may spill into the mother’s abdomen.

What are the Risks of Uterine Rupture?

A uterine rupture can be a life-threatening complication of childbirth for both the mother and the unborn baby and can require a blood transfusion.

What are the symptoms of uterine rupture?

A variety of symptoms are associated with uterine ruptures. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Excessive vaginal bleeding
  • Contractions that become slower or less intense
  • Sudden pain between contractions
  • Abnormal abdominal pain or soreness
  • Recession of the baby’s head into the birth canal
  • Loss of uterine muscle tone
  • Rapid pulse and heart rate, low blood pressure, and signs of shock in the mother
  • Abnormal heart rate in the baby
  • Failure of labour to progress naturally and deliver the baby safely

If you and or your baby have suffered due to a uterine rupture that was caused by negligent treatment, then you may be able to claim compensation for medical negligence. Our specialist uterine rupture claims solicitors will be able to help you throughout the process of claiming uterine rupture compensation. This can cover care costs, loss of earnings and also compensate you for the suffering that you have had to go through. We offer our services on a no win no fee basis and will be able to answer any of your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much compensation for a uterine rupture clinical negligence claim?

The amount of compensation that you could get for uterine rupture claim is dependent on several different factors, so it is difficult to give an exact figure. However, a chat with our experts will give you a good idea.

What are the causes of uterine rupture?

The main cause of uterine rupture is pressure in the birth canal during birth. However, women who have previously undergone a caesarean section are more susceptible to suffering from uterine rupture.