Medication and Prescription Error Compensation Claims

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Medication Errors
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Prescription Error Compensation Claims

Our solicitors have helped many people who have suffered because of prescription and medication errors to claim compensation and get their life back on track.

We understand what a devastating impact such negligence can have on your life, which is why we’ll be beside you all the way through your claim, supporting and guiding you to get you the result you need.

Supporting You After a Medication Error

We understand that falling ill as a result of a prescription or medication error is extremely frustrating and can have a lasting impact on your life. However, we want to help you get on the road to recovery, and can do that by helping you get compensated for your pain and suffering.

Being prescribed the wrong dose or medication could have serious and/or long-term effects of your body. If you’ve suffered because of a medical professional’s mistake it can seriously impact your health and wellbeing. You shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s mistake. Our expert medical negligence solicitors can help you with your medication or prescription error compensation claims.

We can help you move forward with your life by getting you compensated for your suffering. Compensation can cover any financial losses you’ve suffered because of having to miss work or pay for medication you wouldn’t have had to if you hadn’t become more ill because of a prescription or medication error.

Not only will we fight to get you the compensation you deserve, but will also be there to support you when you need us to be. We know that suffering because of someone else’s mistake is frustrating, but with our help you’ll be able to put that in the past and concentrate on making a healthy recovery.

What is a Medication Error?

We understand that if you’ve suffered because of a medication error that wasn’t your fault you’ll probably be feeling angry and upset. We want to help you be able to move on and look forward to the future.

If any of the below have happened to you, our solicitors can help you receive the compensation you need to be able to get your life back on track:

  • Prescribed the wrong type of medication for your health issue
  • Given the incorrect dosage
  • Given medication that you’re allergic to
  • Prescribed the medication for too long
  • Given a prescription with illegible handwriting or insufficient details on it, which causes illness
  • Given two or more medications which should not be prescribed at the same time

We understand that if you’ve experienced any of the above problems you want to focus on getting better, and we’re here to help you do so.

What is a Prescription Error?

Prescription errors differ slightly from medication errors because they are made by pharmacy employees rather than medical professionals like doctors and nurses.

If any of the following has happened to you and made you more ill or sicker for longer, we can help you get compensated for your suffering and any financial losses you may have been subjected to:

  • Makes a mistake when labelling your medication
  • Mixes up your prescription with another patient’s
  • Not ensuring that you are aware of how, and how often you should take your medication
  • Neglecting to keep records of what has been given to each patient
  • Failing to challenge your prescription if they feel it isn’t appropriate, or could be potentially harmful
  • Not checking their suppliers properly to ensure that no fake medication is purchased
  • Failing to keep or telling you to keep the medication at a certain temperature

We know how damaging, physically and mentally, falling ill because of a prescription error can be. With our help you can get your life back on track and focus on the future.

Expert Legal Guidance and Support After a Medication or Prescription Error

How Compensation Can Help You

Our team will work alongside you to get you the compensation you need in order to be able to focus on recovery, without having to worry about money. For example, you might have had to pay for more medication because the medication error has made you more ill.

Your medication or prescription error compensation payout would take these costs into account and likely reimburse you for the same amount.

You may have also had to take time off work to get better, meaning you lost out on wages that you otherwise would have received. If the medication error has caused serious health complications, you may even have to stop working completely.

We know that if this happens then the last thing that you want to do is worry about bills and other financial burdens weighing you down.

That’s why compensation can help to put your mind at ease. Our team can offer you legal advice specific to your situation, and will be by your side to guide and support you throughout the whole medication error claims process.

We Can Help You

Although you may feel helpless, you don’t have to sit back and accept what’s happened. With our help you can hold those responsible for your suffering accountable. We can help you live your life to the fullest again by helping you claim compensation, and offering you support and guidance when you need it most.

Our team of experienced medical negligence solicitors are able to help you move forward.

We always maintain professionalism, approaching cases with sincerity and sensitivity. However, we also want to make you feel safe and comfortable. Our medical or clinical negligence case is funded by a conditional fee agreement i.e. no win no fee agreement and we are authorised and regulated by the solicitors regulation authority.

We want you to feel supported from start to finish, so we will be there for you when you need us most. Our top priority is being able to help you look forward to a bright future, and will do our best to make that happen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if doctor prescribed wrong medication?

If your doctor has prescribed you with the wrong medication, you should take the following steps:

  • Stop taking the medication straight away
  • See your doctor for a check up, or, if your reaction has been more serious go to the hospital
  • Ensure to keep all packaging, the medication itself and your prescription paper

If your reaction was particularly severe, you should contact a specialist medical negligence solicitor to find out if you could pursue a claim.

What to do if pharmacy gives you wrong medicine?

If a pharmacist has prescribed you with the wrong medicine, you should take the following steps:

  • Stop taking the medicine immediately
  • Visit your GP for a check up. If your reaction is particularly severe you need to go to hospital
  • Keep hold of all packaging and medication

If you have had a serious reaction to medication contact a specialised medical negligence solicitor to see if you could pursue a compensation claim.

How much compensation for wrong medication?

How much compensation you get awarded for suffering after being prescribed or given the wrong medication will depend on; how severely the error has affected you and to what extent the medical professional who made the mistake is to blame.

Compensation amounts can range from a few thousand pounds to well into the hundred-millions. Our solicitors will be able to give you more accurate guidance tailored to your situation once your case reaches a certain point.