Mental Health Law

Mental Health Law

Mental Health Law Solicitors

Our specialist Mental Health law solicitors have been providing advice in mental health law to clients for many years to those compulsory detained under the Mental Health Act.

Our dedicated team of experienced solicitors regularly represent clients before Mental Health Tribunals and at Hospital Managers Hearings. In addition to advocacy we deal with all other aspects of Mental Health law including assisting clients detained under civil provisions, hospital orders and transfer provisions, as well as those admitted informally.

All our Mental Health legal representatives in our Mental Health team are accredited members of the law society mental health panel.

Mental Health Capacity

We also represent clients who are subject to the provisions of the Mental Capacity Act 2005. We advise clients in relation to depravation of liberty.

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Mental Health Solicitors Blackburn

The Mental Health Act 1983, amended 2007

The Mental Health Act is used in cases where the individual has been deemed to require treatment, or assessment following treatment, for a mental disorder within the meaning of the Mental Health act. They have further been assessed to require this treatment, or assessment following treatment, as they are deemed a risk to their own health or safety, or the safety of others.

When you are detained under the Mental Health Act, you must be told:

  • Which section of the Mental Health Act you are detained under
  • Your rights to appeal Your entitled to an independent legal representative who can provide you with legal advice
  • What rights (if any) your ‘Nearest Relative’ has to help you be discharged and what can happen if your responsible clinician does not agree with that decision
  • How to get help from an Independent Mental Health Advocate

Our mental health advocates are specialists in their field, and can help you and your family to further understand your rights and support you when you need it most.

Mental Health Solicitors Blackburn – Approved supplier

Our Mental Health Solicitors Blackburn are an approved supplier by the Legal Aid Agency and can provide legal advice and representation and our legal representatives are accredited members of the Law Society Mental Health Tribunal Panel, a dedicated body of solicitors specialising in Mental Health Law.

Our solicitors and other legal professionals in the department have the specialist knowledge to advice on a range of Mental Health Law matters, and:

  • Are sensitive to the needs of vulnerable clients
  • Have the ability to represent clients effectively before a tribunal
  • Display a clear commitment to representing the interests of clients with mental health difficulties
  • Show continued compliance by receiving re-accreditation every three years and undergo ongoing checks by the Law Society

We always want the very best outcome for our clients, especially in challenging times. Get in touch with our specialists to receive the very best support and advice.