Court Martial Solicitors

Court Martial Solicitors

If you are facing accusations of breaking service law during your military service, you may face a trial in the Court Martial. At AWH Solicitors, our expert Court Martial Solicitors will guide you through the investigation and interviews, and can legally represent you in your hearings.

When enlisted in the military, your conduct is subject to military law. The Court Martial serves as the designated military court. It is responsible for adjudicating severe allegations against any member of the armed forces. This encompasses the regular army, navy, air force, as well as territorial and reserve units.

If you’re accused of a serious crime, you may be tried by Court Martial or ‘court martialled’.

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Reasons You Might be Court Martialled

A Court Martial convenes when a member of the armed forces commits and offense that goes beyond that cannot be resolved through a summary hearing by their commanding officer. Typically commanding officers address minor offences. However, if you are a military officer, any accusation against you can be brought before the Court Martial. Regardless of your rank or the nature of the allegation, you have the right to choose a trial by Court Martial.

Examples of serious offences that the Court Martial handles:

  • Assisting the enemy
  • Misconduct on operations
  • Mutiny
  • Dessertion
  • Rape
  • Murder

No matter the nature of your allegation or your rank in the military, our military solicitors can defend you.

What Happens If I Have Been Court Martialled?

Attend an Interview with the Military Police

If someone has made a complaint against you, you’ll be under investigation. Therefore you may have to attend an interview. During the interview, you are entitled to have a solicitor. An expert military solicitor can provide legal advice and defend you during the interview and throughout the process.

In most cases military police will contact you asking for you to voluntarily attend an interview. A solicitor will be able to arrange the interview after you’ve had time to prepare, at a time best for you.

Court Martial Hearing

During the investigation, if evidence is found of wrongdoing, you may be summoned to a Court Martial hearing. This allows the court to decide whether or not you are guilty of your allegations.

Although there are different types of Court Martial, they both work under similarly:

  • District Court Martials are mainly used for minor offences.
  • General Courts Martials mainly deal with serious offences and those committed by military officers.

The Judge Advocate General leads the Court. They provide guidance on military law and summarise all evidence presented.

In Court Martial, a panel known as ‘the board’, comprising commissioned officers or Warrant officers, acts akin to a jury. They collectively decide on the verdict of guilty or not guilty.

What Happens if the Court Martial Decides You’re Guilty?

The board and Judge Advocate work together to decide on sentencing. In the event that you’re found guilty, the Court can impose some of the following punishments:

  • Imprisonment in a civilian prison
  • Detention at the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC) in Colchester
  • Dismissal from the armed services
  • An unlimited fine.

How a Solicitor Can Help

You can contact AWH’s expert solicitors at any stage of the Court Martial process for legal defense assistance.

Our solicitors offer the following services:

  • Help you prepare for and attend interviews.
  • Gather evidence to solidify your case during the investigation.
  • Investigate false accusations and collect evidence to refute them.
  • Ensure readiness for every stage of the investigation.
  • Secure the best possible outcome for your case.
  • Benefit from representation by highly experienced barristers if required.
  • Use our team’s years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Court Martial systems to benefit your case.
  • Rely on our expert team to alleviate the stress of the investigations and safeguard your interests.

Financing a Claim

You can get financial help for your case through legal aid from the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority (AFCLAA). This aid covers Court Martial cases worldwide. Furthermore, you can pick a solicitor when you apply, however, you might have to pay some legal fees. If you can’t get legal aid or afford the fees, we can discuss other ways to pay for your case privately.

Getting Started With Our Military Solicitors

At AWH Solicitors, we understand the impact an investigation and criminal charge can have on your career and family. With our team of specialist solicitors and barristers, we support you through every stage of the process.

With offices across the UK, we offer assistance wherever you are. If you’re facing military criminal charges, contact our Court Martial specialists at 0800 999 2220 or online.