Military Injury Compensation Claims

Military Compensation Claims

By the very nature of the job, it is widely understood that being in the army comes with a risk of injury. However, it is reasonable to assume that your safety will still be prioritised in non-combat situations, and also that you will have been suitably trained to carry out your job to the best of your abilities. Military injury Compensation claims are important to support those who have suffered due to negligent care whilst serving.

If you have been injured or a loved one has died because of insufficient safety measures, then you may be able to make a military compensation claim. Here at AWH Solicitors, we have specialists in military injury claims who can support you throughout the process.

Could I Make a Military Compensation Claim?

Since life in the army is wide-ranging and includes many different situations, several different military claims exist. Some of the most common include:

Serving in the armed forces is a unique form of job, but ultimately it is still a job where your employer has a certain level of responsibility to keep those that work for them safe. Forces injury claims should always be thoroughly investigated.

What Could My Compensation Settlement Include?

When you have served in the armed forces, we understand that there is a huge reliance on service earnings and benefits. The loss of pay and pension could be devastating, so our military injury claims solicitors take this into account when seeking a compensation settlement. Overall, we will consider:

  • Service Earnings
  • Civilian Earnings
  • Specialist pay and allowances
  • Pension contributions or resettlement grant
  • Commitment bonuses
  • Service benefits

What is the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS)?

The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) was set up by the government to provide compensation to military personnel who have been injured from the 6th April 2005. It is managed by veterans, and it uses a tariff system to award set payments for injuries due to service in the armed forces. Seeking a compensation claim through the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) is different from a standard civil personal injury claim because there is no need to prove blame. You can claim regardless of whether you’re still serving or if you’re a veteran. This is also applicable if you have been an army reserve, or a navy or RAF reserve. The time limit for claiming through the AFCS is seven years from when you sustained your injury. You have seven from first seeking help for your condition to make a mental health claim (including PTSD).

Where to Start?

There are several considerations when approaching a military claim. Although pursuing your case through the AFCS could be the right decision for you, it may be a better route to pursue a civil personal injury claim. It can sometimes be a longer and more complicated process to apply through the AFCS. We can advise you on making a new claim through the AFCS. Additionally, we can challenge a compensation award if you believe that you have not received the correct amount. Additionally, we can challenge the decision to reject your claim for eligibility. We can often offer no win no fee military injury compensation claims. A discussion with one of our specialists will help you understand your options.

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