Andrew Clark

Personal details

Full Name:
Andrew Clark
Job Title:
Eight GCSE’s
Additional qualifications:
  • NVQ Level 2 in business administration


  • Personal Injury
  • Credit Hire Claims
  • Fast and Multi Track Values
  • Accidents at Work Claims


I first started personal injury litigation fourteen years ago, where I learned to value personal injury claims and to litigate. I then dealt with prestige credit hire claims and gained invaluable experience in dealing with arguments of rate, period and need.

From my previous firm, my experience of credit hire grew as I dealt with illegality, recoverability and impecuniosity arguments and my experience in litigation was bettered by defendants that were in liquidation.

I recently started my new role at AWH early in December 2018 and I am looking forward to using my experience to grow in my role.


What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy the litigation side of my work most, because prospects in a case change continuously, the more evidence comes out. I also enjoy good client feedback upon settlement of a claim.
Why did you choose a career in the legal sector?
I fell into the role really due to my interest in motor vehicles and the human body.

Personal interests

  • I have an interest in maintaining old cars, having owned a Westfield and a 45 year old Landrover Series 3. I have recently purchased a tricycle which seems to be working well.
  • I have three children which keep me busy, I enjoy the great outdoors with them most.

Key cases

  • I dealt with a multi-track claim valued at over £50,000.00 where the client had fallen whilst painting his employers business premises. I organised the medical evidence and supported the claim for loss of earnings and care and assistance which were successfully recovered.
  • I dealt with a claim for credit hire where the claimant needed to hire a car for over 260 days. I successfully recovered the full period of hire at the credit hire rate.