Ian Huggan

Personal details

Full Name:
Ian Huggan
Job Title:
Solicitor & Head of Criminal Law Department
LLB(Hons) 2:1
Additional qualifications:
  • Law Society Finals Qualification


I have worked as a criminal defence solicitor in the local area for over 20 years.

I deal with all types of criminal offences including road traffic offences. Allegations range from lower level such as shoplifting up to and including the most serious of offences.

I represent clients in the police station, providing advocacy in the Magistrates Court and the Youth Court and preparing cases for trial in the Crown Court.


What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy representing clients throughout the criminal justice process, particularly undertaking advocacy.

Personal interests

  • Spending time with my family
  • Football
  • Golf

Key cases

  • RSPCA v C

    Allegations under the Animal Welfare Act against the owner of a horse. Involving Munchausen with the Defendant accused of inflicting injury and illness. Significant use of experts lead to a successful defence.

  • R v F

    Allegation of attempted murder involving suffocation of a young child. Issues included mental health and impact thereof. Guilty plea entered to a lesser charge and no evidence was offered on the attempted murder.

  • R v B

    Represented the defendant in a high value multi handed drugs conspiracy. Acquitted after lengthy trial.

  • R v C

    High profile case involving the Defendant entering the playing area of a football pitch and a confrontation with a player. National media coverage.