Peter King

Personal details

Full Name:
Peter King
Job Title:
Consultant Solicitor
BA(Hons) Law, graduate of Leeds Metropolitan University
Additional qualifications:
  • Solicitor
  • admitted 1982 - Law Society Criminal Litigation Accreditation - Magistrates' Court Duty Solicitor - Police Station 24/7 Duty Solicitor


I am a dedicated Criminal Defence Solicitor, with vast experience of all aspects of Criminal Defence work through all stages of cases from investigations to proceedings, including sentence and appeals to higher Courts.


What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?

Intellectual and adversarial challenge, leading to positive outcomes for clients.

Why did you choose a career in the legal sector?

I had a misguided ambition to be a professional golfer but the Law was destined to provide a fulfilling career path.

To enable me to make a positive difference to the lives and futures of clients unable to achieve such positivity without my guidance and advice.

Personal interests

  • Dedicated family man, proud of my family and achievements
  • Competitive and sports-minded - interested in most mainstream sports. I was a poor footballer, slightly better cricketer but much better golfer. At the height of my golfing amateur career was 1 handicap
  • Although a proud Yorkie by birth, was equally proud to represent Lancashire in Golf at Boys and Colts levels
  • I have enjoyed and despaired at the few highs and many lows of supporting Blackburn Rovers FC for many decades
  • I was heavily involved in the administration of Blackburn Centurions Swimming Club and Gallica Swimming Squad (an elite swimming squad based in Lancashire) during my three children's competitive swimming careers