The AWH Client Club

The AWH Client Club

Another feature of The AWH Way is that instead of being cared for and “owned” by the solicitor who happens to be dealing with your current case – as normally happens with law firms – our whole firm will look after you and care for you and yours for many years to come.

When you use AWH, you don’t come into one department. Instead, you come into a world of care.

We do this by enrolling you into the AWH Client Club. By doing this, our whole team can support and care for you in the long term whilst one of our solicitors deals with your current case.

Every individual and every family will need solicitors at some time or other. Our aim is to be there for you whenever any need for legal support arises:

  • When you buy or sell a house
  • When you are injured in an accident or during medical treatment
  • When someone close to you passes away
  • When you wish to have family from abroad join you in the UK
  • When you have a trouble with your landlord or tenant
  • When you or a loved one face mental health issues
  • When you want to ensure your family is protected in the event of your death
  • When you have care or inheritance concerns
  • When family, relationship or children issues arise
  • When you face investigation or prosecution
  • When you face losing your driving licence

If any of these issues arise, as members of the AWH Client Club you can simply call us, and our specialist solicitors will take your call and give you practical and sensible advice.

Initial advice will mostly be at no charge at all. We will always tell you at the outset about any fixed prices that apply and you can then choose whether to proceed.

If actual legal work is needed, we will set out a transparent price for carrying out that work, and we will clearly set out the timescales for that work.

Other Benefits for you of Being in the AWH Client Club

There are numerous short-term and long-term benefits that you can enjoy now that you are enrolled into our Client Club. Further benefits will be extended in due course. As soon as you join our Client Club, the benefits open to you are as follows :

  • Whenever you need legal advice, just call us – we will try to answer your legal enquiry. If actual legal work is needed, we will quote a price, and you are then free to shop around
  • Whenever we carry out any legal work for you, you will benefit from our Service Pledge, which means you will get a great service – every solicitor, every time
  • We will tailor our services to any special needs that you have
  • We will explore your circumstances with you to see whether any protections can be put in place for you or anyone in your immediate or extended family (in the form of wills and Powers of Attorney) that will reduce delays, expense, and trauma “down the line”. We call this exploration and this process our Platform, and we try to get all of our clients onto this
  • Regular legal updates
  • Legal briefings that set out your rights in a range of everyday situations

Why do we Operate our Client Club?

We offer this innovative scheme as we believe it makes sense for our clients and it certainly makes sense for our business. We want to start and then build a long-standing, trusting relationship with our clients. We want you and your family to come to us whenever anything of a legal nature arises. We will deliver a great service – every solicitor, every time. You will not be liable to us for any fees unless we have given to you a fee estimate in advance and you have agreed to proceed.

We want our clients to have the peace of mind that comes from them having a legal team they can contact, and which wants to go the extra mile to safeguard their interests.

That’s the AWH Way of doing things.

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